The Feature Film 2040 Greenlit for 2021 Release

Las Vegas, NV, February 20, 2021 --( Production has commenced on the feature film 2040. It is about a "New California" Agent who has hidden records of an Alien abduction just as people are dealing with stresses of the Annual Winter Quarantine in 2040. Actors from all over the country filmed their roles on their cell phones or Ipads during the pandemic lockdown. Special effects and 3D animators from all over the globe have been working on the complex visual effects.

Danilo Mancinelli will be involved as an actor playing the role of Arthur, a criminal released from prison early. There are no plans as of now of Danilo being involved in the production side. The Feature Film has a tentative release date of Summer 2021 as long as all protocols are met and all goes well with the COVID-19 Pandemic. 2040 Productions is currently in talks with a new Director and is awaiting final confirmation. According to a 2040 production member, "Once everything is finalized, we will announce new cast and crew members." As of now, production is almost complete. Some B roll of the film and effects have been started. More announcements on this project will be coming out shortly. 2040 Productions has other projects in the works and once this production is completed, focus will be put forth on upcoming projects that have not seen activity just yet.

Cranium Candy (Sister Company) of 2040 Productions has produced several feature films since the early 90’s and has seen success with many well established retailers. The last production, Raw Edge, was released several years ago and after a few years, 2040 Productions will be handling the more dramatic genres of motion pictures. Cranium Candy and 2040 Productions Media Relations are looking forward to a very successful collaboration even though these companies will be two different entities.
Cranium Candy Entertainment
Danilo Mancinelli