Techno Producers Igor Vertus & Lily Gale Announce Their Debut Release Event Horizon

Amsterdam, Netherlands, February 26, 2021 --( Upcoming techno label Blackly Beyond Records is excited to announce Igor Vertus & Lily Gale’s collaboration release "Event Horizon" which will be available worldwide on February 26, 2021 on the major music streaming sites like Spotify, Beatport, iTunes, YouTube and Bandcamp. This fusion will guarantee heavy kicks, acid 303’s and evil dark synths for the real techno and hard techno fan.

The new techno release will contain 3 tracks: Hypnotize, Illusions and Propaganda and Monochromatic.

Where industrial veteran Igor Vertus brings hard pumping beats and acid from the deepest depths, this release gets transcended by unforgettable leads and atmosphere infused by Lily Gale. The track “Hypnotize” takes the listeners into a trance, to awaken their true self, before opening their eyes. According to Igor Vertus, “Illusions and Propaganda” is “our view on how lies and spinning the truth affects everything around us. The eerie intro, the unsettling feeling when the narrative is forced upon and the chaos and misinformation to mask the lie. It’s all there.” The finisher, “Monochromatic,” is a deeper layered track. “In a black and white world, one must look further into the grey to eventually find color,” Lily Gale adds.

Lily Gale will be releasing techno trance on Power of Love Productions later this year and is working on her own label Star Vision Records. Igor Vertus will focus as label manager and producer for Blackly Beyond Records. Expect more releases soon.

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