Major IDV Vendor Shufti Pro Launches Affiliate Program - Shufti Advocates

London, United Kingdom, March 01, 2021 --( Shufti Pro, an AI-powered identity verification service provider has launched its affiliate program, Shufti Advocates, to give businesses and influencers a chance to share a sale with Shufti Pro.

Shufti Pro, a globally acclaimed company offers robust KYC/AML solutions and biometric authentication technology to hundreds of businesses around the world. In just three year’s time, the company has expanded to become one of the leaders in a billion-dollars identity verification and fraud prevention industry. Now the company has launched an affiliate program that will allow advocacy group members, influencers, individuals, and business organisations to use their influence to promote Shufti Pro and earn a 10% share on each qualified sale.

The company’s says, their aim has always been to ensure the safety and the betterment of the business community. The advocacy program offers affiliates to not only get a chance to earn a share but also to take part in this fight against the fraud.

Sign Up for Shufti Advocates on Shufti Pro’s website at:

CEO of Shufti Pro, Victor Fredung, talks about the new initiative, “Shufti Pro’s affiliate program offers once in a lifetime opportunity to become a part of something beneficial to all our future. This opportunity not only allows you to take part in the fight against fraud but also allows you to assist various business organisations in being secure and compliant. Now you can do that while earning an income.”

Members of advocacy groups, influencers, C-suite, affiliate marketers, and professionals from every industry can apply now apply for Shufti Pro’s affiliate program, Shufti Advocate. They must assist to convert saved and existing leads into qualified leads within three months to earn a share. All qualified sales will earn them a share of 10%.

About Shufti Pro
Shufti Pro is an identity verification service provider. It offers digital KYC, KYB, and AML services globally. It uses both human intelligence and artificial intelligence in its technology to provide highly effective and accurate service. Shufti Pro provides an accuracy rate of 98.67%. It has verified users in 232 countries and territories. Shufti Pro has been the first of its kind to provide identity verification services that cover a large number of countries.
Shufti Pro
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