BankingON Named Mobile/Digital Finalist in 2021 Innovations Series

Austin, TX, March 03, 2021 --( BankingON, a leading innovator in mobile banking solutions and user experiences for the financial industry, announced today that it has been selected as a finalist in the Mobile/Digital category in the 2021 Innovation Series, presented by and sponsored by Callahan & Associates.

“After the chaos of 2020, many credit unions are looking for solutions to help them be more efficient and better serve members and we think yours is one of them. We received a lot of really strong applications, but your application stood out to us,” said Alexandra Gekas, VP of Marketing & Media at Callahan & Associates.

BankingON’s mobile platform transforms credit unions into mobile technology brands by leveraging proven best practices in intuitive UI/UX design, API connectivity, and smartphone functionality. BankingON works in a collaborative vendor relationship that is hyper-focused on the mobile member experience.

Today, mobile applications and experiences are truly even more important for customers. Over 45% of respondents now identify mobile as a top-three factor that determines their choice of financial institution, versus 38.0% in 2019, making it the second most important factor behind fees according to With BankingON financial institutions can turn-on a 5-Star mobile banking experience to delight their end-users.

The BankingON mobile platform unifies vendors into one seamless - brand interface that hides all the back-end complexity and front-end friction so members can have an easy and intuitive banking experience.

“We are honored for the recognition from,” said Alexey Krasnoriadtsev, BankingON’s CEO. “We’ve been blessed to work with community financial institutions who care about the end-users’ mobile experience and want that 5 star experience for their own customers.”

In 2020, BON released a fully redesigned mobile front-end that was the first mobile banking platform to use Google’s revolutionary Mobile SDK, Google Flutter.

BankingON is perfecting the mobile user experience to help eliminate daily money stress, giving customers tools that they want and need to perfect their banking experience.

As a leading purveyor of premium mobile experiences for the credit union industry, BankingON continues to innovate, provide an unparalleled white label experience that is powering the mobile banking revolution.

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