Farmonaut Partners with GarudaUAV to Provide Drone-Based Remote Sensing Technologies for Farming in India

Farmonaut has partnered with GarudaUAV, a leading drone services provider in India, to revolutionize the usage of drone-based remote sensing technology in the farming sector.

Bangalore, India, March 05, 2021 --( Farmonaut has come together with a leading Indian drone services company, GarudaUAV, engaged in aerial data acquisition, analysis and reporting for the promotion of drone-based remote sensing technologies for farming amongst the farmers.

Farmonaut is addressing one of the biggest challenges in the Indian agricultural ecosystem. Remote sensing is a widely used technology to monitor fields across the world, but in India, it couldn't be as popular due to the cost attached to it.

Through this partnership, Farmonaut is working towards educating Indian farmers about the benefits of remote sensing technology in farming and promoting the use of drone-based crop health monitoring services to the farmers. Farmonaut will be providing the technological support for data processing, storage, and access, while GarudaUAV will be working on providing the drones, and allied inventory to make this partnership a success.

Farmonaut’s Satellite-Based Crop Health Monitoring System is built to put satellite technology in the hands of each farmer in the most economical way. Farmonaut’s main objective is to break the cost barrier and help democratize remote sensing in the farming community by providing an on-the-go always ready platform for field monitoring through satellites. The system is accessible through its web, android as well as iOS apps.

Currently, the platform is serving more than 15000 users through its' various technological offerings.
Farmonaut Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Akash Omar