PB Asset Management Website Update 2021

Tokyo, Japan, March 09, 2021 --(PR.com)-- PB Asset Management announced the completion of their latest website update today. A clear new addition to the site is the ability for clients to login and view their holdings.

CEO and Founder Peter Burton released the following, "We like to keep on top of the website as it acts as an introduction to PB Asset Management, so it is vitally important that everything runs smoothly and gives people a clear view of who we are. Important additions to note are we now have a client area where existing clients can easily login and view their positions and who they are performing, this is key to transparency as they will always know what is going on with their investments. Second addition of note is the news section which is a live feed to the most recent market news so there is no need to search various websites as you can get your news fix in one place."
PB Asset Management
Fred Hughes