AMAGI Launches AI Model to Prevent COVID-19 Deaths

AMAGI, a software company based in the Philippines, has just launched an AI model that can accurately predict the most severe consequences for patients diagnosed with COVID-19. The AI model can be accessed for free by any practitioner anywhere at, and it has the potential to save lives as the pandemic continues around the world. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to AMAGI if you have any questions about this story.

Makati, Philippines, March 09, 2021 --( Tech Company Uses New Research to Offer Healthcare Workers a New, Free Tool to Save Lives

AMAGI has just launched a "Predictive AI Model" designed to predict the likelihood of worst events occurring for patients diagnosed with COVID-19. This model was taken directly from a clinical study authored by the teams at NYU Langone and Facebook AI. The model allows practitioners to upload chest x-ray images through a website and generate values that may be more accurate at predicting adverse outcomes than what a professional radiologist can do alone.

"We have been able to show that with the use of this AI algorithm, serial chest radiographs can predict the need for escalation of care in patients with COVID-19," says William Moore, MD, a Professor of Radiology at NYU Langone Health.

"As COVID-19 continues to be a major public health issue, the ability to predict a patient's need for elevation of care ‐ for example, ICU admission ‐ will be essential for hospitals."

AMAGI, a leading software company headquartered in Makati, Philippines since 2015, focuses on building modern software that combines the best parts of humans and data. AMAGI's expert team of developers and data scientists reviewed the clinical study by NYU and Facebook, tested it with help from radiologists in the U.S., and has now made it available, for free, to healthcare professionals around the world.

"Our hope is that the practitioners working on the frontline of the pandemic, especially those with facilities with modest resources, can use this system to complement their expertise to deliver the best possible outcomes for those diagnosed with the COVID-19 virus," says Thomas Laughlin, CEO of AMAGI.

To learn more about the AI model and use it directly, visit this website:

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