Codistac – Software Requirements Firm - Open for Business

Codistac - a new software services firm - offers decades of full stack software development experience distilled into designing the earliest and most vital, intricate parts of new software systems and also new processes added to legacy systems and their data flows – corporate stories and processes. Define. Design. Refine.

Springfield, MO, March 11, 2021 --( Codistac, LLC enters the software and systems IT market specializing on the early and important activity of building richness and depth into software requirements. Codistac is the latest business endeavor of Heather Noggle, also Chief Knowledge Officer of Global Wizard, an established export compliance software provider.

Codistac’s core methodology interacts well with Waterfall, Agile, hybrid, and custom software development processes. Adjacent services include system data integration best practice governance, code stability review and recommendation, and high-level full system analysis, seeking to uncover and incorporate into discussion and documentation the important unspoken variables that make sense of what is today and what might be in the future.

Founder Heather Noggle believes stories add dimension to software requirements, engaging customers using an iterative process of probing question-and-answer sessions then confirming previous information and who does what when and for what purpose. “It’s vital to restate what we believe we know and to do so with different words than the customer originally gave. We’re human, and we attach meaning to words that might differ from the speaker’s or writer’s intention. Requirements and how they interact - including why - are the foundation of all good software and all good processes.”

Through partnerships, Codistac recommends other firms who construct software, document software and ensure quality in software applications.
Heather Noggle