Karaoke World Championships USA Announces New Competition Structure for 2021 Season

Epic Performance Productions, the only licensed partner for the Karaoke World Championships within the United States, proudly announces a new structure of competition for the 2021 season.

Las Vegas, NV, March 16, 2021 --(PR.com)-- Karaoke World Championships USA

The 2021 Competition Season Introduces New Structure

Karaoke World Championships USA competition season underway Epic Performance Productions is proud to have completed the inaugural event of the season with the Invitational round in which only the past national finalists from 2018-2020 were invited to participate. With some new exciting updates to how the competition works within the United States this year it is necessary to define and describe these updates.

Eligible contestants will register and enter for one of the nine remaining two-week-long audition rounds submitting 2 songs at the time of registration. for 2021 there will be included three genre specific genre auditions for certain genres that are traditionally felt not to perform well in a competition setting. They will be dedicated to these genres: Rock/Blues, R&B/Hip Hop, and Country. These particular rounds will be judged by individuals who are well-versed in those areas. The top three winners of each open audition round will then be ranked as Gold, Silver, or Bronze according to their rankings.

The next portion of the competition moves on to the Divisional finals, which have been divided into a tiered system: Gold, Silver, and Bronze. The winners from the open audition rounds will move into the Divisional finals into their respective tiers, where they will face off with others in that tier to determine who the top three singers in each division will be.

Contestants selected to compete in a Divisional Finals will need to submit 3 songs, two of which will be judged to determine the winners of that division. The top three singers from Gold, Silver, and Bronze Divisional finals will be moving onto the National Finals Training Program. Those singers who place 4th-7th in each division will come together to face off one last time and have their third song reviewed by the jury to determine the top three singers in the special run off Blue Ribbon round. Ultimately, there will be a total of 12 singers moving on to the National Finals Training Program for a chance at becoming the next KWCUSA National Champion.

In the National Finals Training Program, the top 12 finalists will need to have 3 songs ready to submit for initial review. A panel of coaches specializing in voice, artistry, and stage presence will work with these finalists to hone and perfect their product before final submissions of each song are submitted to be judged. There will be no eliminations during the weeks of training. This way each individual finalist can reap the rewards of the program in their own way on their own Journey to Stardom. At the end of the training, the top three singers will be named the Gold, Silver, and Bronze medalists and will represent the United States at the Karaoke World Championships Online World Finals this November.

For more information, please check out our website at kwcusa.com.
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Joshua Baron