MindFusion Releases a New Version of Its Pack of UI Libraries for JavaScript and React

MindFusion, a leading provider of UI components for web, desktop and mobile, announced the first release for 2021 of its Suite of UI components for JavaScript and React.

Sofia, Bulgaria, March 18, 2021 --(PR.com)-- Pack for JavaScript 2021.R1 is released with the following new features, improvements and fixes:

- Topological Layout in Diagrams

TopologicalLayout applies graph topological ordering to the diagram (topological ordering of a graph is one where link's origin node is placed before link's destination node). The layout algorithm arranges nodes in a row or a column, depending on the value of the direction property, in such a way that there are no backward links when the graph is acyclic. If the graph contains cycles, the algorithms selects ordering with as few backward links as possible.

- Adjustment Handles Styling in Diagrams
Appearance of adjustment handles can be customized via ActiveItemHandlesStyle, SelectedItemHandlesStyle and DisabledHandlesStyle properties. Adjustment handles can now be painted not only in solid color but with arbitrary brushes such as gradients and patterns.

- React Support for the Data Grid Component

The GridView React component allows integrating the MindFusion.DataViews API into React applications. It is a wrapper component for the Grid control, handles the rendering and
keeps its DOM in sync with React’s virtual DOM. Grid properties can be set from JSX, and grid events can be handled through JSX syntax as well.

- Axis Origin in Charts

Area charts are now drawn relative to Axis' Origin.

The diagramming, charting, grid and scheduling components are available from npm.

MindFusion Pack for JavaScript combines multiple useful components for web developers that range from heavy-duty tools like flowcharts, diata grids and appointment managers to light-weight UI libraries like menu, list view, tooltip and more. The pack can be downloaded directly from MindFusion's website at https://mindfusion.eu/javascript-pack.html

Technical support is available on MindFusion's forum, HelpDesk or per email. The licenses are royalty-free and include 12-month subscription for all upgrades that are released.

About MindFusion: For over two decades, MindFusion has successfully provided cutting-edge programming components that greatly increase developers productivity. Built with passion and commitment, the controls create value for customers from all types of industries and company sizes.

The company started in 2000 with a single ActiveX flowchart control and has since then expanded into offering components for more than 10 platforms - desktop, web and mobile. MindFusion components aim to provide software developers with easy-to-use solutions for complex and time-consuming features of their applications like scheduling, diagramming, reporting, charting and spreadsheets.
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