An Inspiring Look at Relationships in This Heartwarming Romance by Darren Finney Will be Released by 5310 Publishing

An exciting and romantic journey in this heartwarming romance. "Faithfully Addicted" is about overcoming trust issues and emotional damage.

Kansas City, MO, March 18, 2021 --( A new book by Missouri-born Darren Finney provides a fascinating look at relationships, especially those that are deeply broken, that are not fully restored overnight.

The book, "Faithfully Addicted" is about overcoming trust issues and emotional damage, rebuilding relationships after addiction, and changing life perspectives. Harkin was already dead inside and was not looking for a woman who could change his life attitude. He was happy holding on to his bitterness until he met Emily, a recovering heroin addict, that would teach him to let go of his anger.

Finney guarantees that readers are going to be asking questions such as "Do they have the strength to feel their hearts beat again?" and "Is their love strong enough?" Eric Williams, the owner of 5310 Publishing, said the novel is "An exciting and romantic journey, and I can't wait to see what readers think of it." The editor, Alex Williams, said "Faithfully Addicted is a heart-warming romance with twists and surprises you won't see coming."

Having a love of fiction, Darren Finney enjoys writing in a style that consists of a more faith-based focus, much like his debut novel "On The Soul's Edge."

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