Viviana Grunert: The VIVI A FIORI Magazine in Over 150 Countries

Great success for the Italian Magazine dedicated to Home Styling: 10,000 readers and 30,000 minutes of actual reading in 18 days, from over 150 Countries around the world.

Milan, Italy, March 20, 2021 --( Great success for "Vivi a Fiori," the editorial initiative of home stylist Viviana Grunert. In the first 18 days of launch, the Italian magazine recorded important numbers: 10,000 people from 150 Countries around the world have already read the magazine, for a total of 30,000 minutes of actual reading. Added to these are the hundreds of people who ordered the paper collector's edition.

The Digital Edition, in addition to having surpassed the paper by now in every field of publishing, allows to analyze the behaviors and interests of readers: "We have chosen a very innovative platform, which gives us not only the number of readers and the places where it is read, but also how many seconds people stop to read every single page. In this way we know which pages are the most read and which articles are most appreciated,” explains Viviana Grunert.

"Since we brought ebooks to Italy in 2002," added Giacomo Bruno, publisher of the magazine, "we have seen interest in digital publishing grow year after year. The possibility of knowing the numbers with such precision is a considerable added value also for those companies that have decided to invest in our quarterly and that for the first time do not have to be satisfied with just the number of copies distributed but can know the real interest of the reader towards their brand." An innovation that creates a new standard for the magazine market.

Vivi a Fiori has centered the desire of many to try to live as much as possible in harmony with themselves and with others, to face a difficult present but capable of generating a new rebirth. According to the reading numbers, in fact, the most read articles are those with practical advice to adapt spaces to the needs of the moment, just now that the house has become multifunctional.

Viviana Grunert is home stylist, editorial director of the magazine “Vivi A Fiori.” She is the founder of VGFlowerStudio which has been helping people organize their lives through To Do Lists for years. She is co-founder of Bruno Editore, the publishing house that brought ebooks to Italy in 2002. She is the author of the book “The New Law of Attraction,” translated into 4 languages ​​and became Amazon Bestseller all over the world. She is a speaker in prestigious training events and was a guest of TG4 to talk about the new profession of "Home Stylist."
She runs the "Dettagli di Stile" blog where she shares in-depth articles on home styling and where she often anticipates new trends for the home. Info:

Giacomo Bruno, born in 1977, electronic engineer, was named by the press "the father of ebooks" for having brought ebooks to Italy in 2002, with Bruno Editore. He is the Author of 27 bestsellers on personal growth and the Editor of 600 books on the topics of personal and professional development. He is considered the best known Italian “book influencer” because every book he promotes or published becomes Bestseller n.1 on Amazon in a few hours. He is followed by TV, the news and the national press. Info:
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