Harbor Equity Provides Transaction Evaluation Within 24 Hours for Residents in Utah, New Jersey, Indiana and Beyond

No more waits, no more queues - Harbor Equity responds to clients in only 24 hours.

Harbor Equity Provides Transaction Evaluation Within 24 Hours for Residents in Utah, New Jersey, Indiana and Beyond
Atlanta, GA, April 30, 2021 --(PR.com)-- Clients of Harbor Equity - an Atlanta-based hard money lending and commercial banking firm - don’t have to wait long for their funding applications to be approved. The firm promises a 24-hour response time for clients in the construction business, which is impressive. Although Harbor Equity’s funding has served as particularly profitable for contractors in Utah and New Jersey, given the sheer abundance of construction work in those regions, they finance projects nationwide.

Over the years, Harbor Equity has led the construction industry to tens of millions in profits through its timely, easy, and guaranteed funds. Their quick and hassle-free funding ensures that construction contractors don’t have to wait on bureaucratic gymnastics from bankers’ ends. With their funding in their hands soon after they submit their applications, contractors proceed to work on their mega projects, earning the profits only timely funding can warrant. Harbor Equity understands this and duly facilitates their clients in the process.

Speaking about their 24-hour transaction option, a senior spokesperson for Harbor Equity said, “We have been in this business for decades - we’re talking a cumulative experience of 75 years now. We have an understanding with the construction business, and we know how it goes. Prices in this industry fluctuate. Fast funding is one way of ensuring maximum profits - and therefore, we facilitate it. We understand that the sooner our clients begin work on their projects, the more chances they have of success, and the higher their profits. Sadly, many banks are out of touch with the construction world, and do not understand this.”

The people behind Harbor Equity claim that their proximity to the construction industry enables them to understand, on a deeper level, the problems and obstacles that often turn up in said work. The brick-and-mortar world is not exactly concrete, and is susceptible to value fluctuations, and other unforeseen troubles. Harbor Equity ensures that their funding eases the path for their clients.

About Harbor Equity
Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Harbor Equity is a commercial banking firm that provides funding and loans to people in the construction sector. Their management has a collective experience of more than 75 years in the construction hard loan business, and they have facilitated several construction projects in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Florida over the past many years. Harbor Equity has earned a name in the construction industry for their non-conventional transaction funding that does not require third party verification for an approval.

Harbor Equity offers its services nationwide.

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