Luke Ager Exclusive Speaker Interview Ahead of QinetiQ’s Webinar on Overwhelmed by Alerts? Prioritising and Rationalising Threat Notifications in the SOC

SMi Group Reports Luke Ager, Chief Technical Officer, Cyber Security at QinetiQ provides an exclusive interview ahead of the upcoming webinar on Overwhelmed by alerts? Prioritising and Rationalising Threat Notifications in the Security Operations Centre (SOC) taking place online on Monday 19 April 2021 at 1pm BST.

London, United Kingdom, March 31, 2021 --( With just three weeks until the webinar, SMi Group had the pleasure to catch up with webinar leader Luke Ager, Chief Technical Officer, Cyber Security, QinetiQ. During this interview, Luke, who will be hosting the free webinar “Overwhelmed by alerts? Prioritising and Rationalising Threat Notifications in the Security Operations Centre” provides a valuable insight into his role within cyber security, what is a SOC, the importance of a SOC structure and more.

Interested parties can register for the free webinar at, if there is a scheduling conflict, register still using the link and receive an on-demand link to watch the webinar later, at a time that suits.

Luke is responsible for Technical Strategy and delivery of services to QinetiQ Cyber & Intelligence customers in both the Defence and Commercial industries. To date this has included the transformation of Cyber services into scalable cloud platforms and agile delivery models that provide assurance to QinetiQ customers. Luke has a wealth of experience in Security Operations and Incident Response spanning over a decade of hands on operational roles

An excerpt from Luke Ager’s exclusive interview includes:

About you – what role do you play in the SOC and what perspective do you aim bring to the webinar?
“I'm currently the Chief Technology Officer within QinetiQ and look across many of our services that span the Cyber domain. Part of this role includes looking at the capabilities we bring to our customers and ensuring we work closely with industry and government in order to protect their interests. My background is very much specialised in this domain having both worked within some of the leading SOC’s across the UK and also as a consultant, delivered capabilities across Europe, Middle East and North America over the last 10 years. The perspective I bring to the webinar is an informed one that balances both experience and expertise in this domain with real world understanding of the limitations and practicalities of how to achieve good security posture.”

Why is it so important to for an organisation to maintain a good SOC structure?
“The role of the SOC has shifted tremendously over the last 5-10 years from being an IT approval function into a Threat focused risk reduction service. With this change in desired outcomes has also come a change in organisational structure, now often with specialised roles, tiered responsibilities and delegated authority which has streamlined Incident Response and recovery and industrialised day to day security operations. As we look forward now into the future where automation and orchestration both adds and reduces complexity in various guises, it’s important to reflect and understand how this impacts SOC structures. Understandably, the goal with Automation and Orchestration is to reduce effort and cost however in the world of Security Operations, it’s important to recognise that the most effective way to protect an organisation from increasing sophisticated threat actors is not to introduce automation and orchestration technologies and cut costs elsewhere, rather it is an opportunity to free up the most expensive of resources, the highly skilled security professionals and allow them to shift into a more proactive role. It is with this future operating model and organisation structure that organisations will benefit the most from investing in security and realise the efficacy of that investment.”

Luke will be joined by Nathan Timbrell, Senior Sales Manager, Enterprise Cyber, QinetiQ, for the webinar on 19th April at 1pm BST.

This webinar is an essential to attend for those seeking to gain greater insight into security operations centre.

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