IWS FinTech Announces Appointment of Danny Christ as Chief Digital Officer

Singapore, Singapore, March 31, 2021 --(PR.com)-- IWS FinTech has appointed Danny Christ as its Chief Digital Officer. The start-up, which focuses on blockchain consulting and developing innovative technologies and fintech products, will be leveraging Danny’s 20 years of experiences as an IT, operations, and supply chain expert to gain a stronger foothold in the industry.

Danny has headed technology projects and digital transformation in multiple small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia and Thailand. He also led a variety of PE-supported businesses through regional expansion, applying strategic leadership and negotiating skills into the right places at the right time. A registered Management Consultant (RMC) at the Institute of Management Consultants, Singapore. Danny will lead the digital team at IWS FinTech by drawing on his extensive industry insight and expertise in assessing and implementing new IT solutions.

Said Danny, “I’m thrilled to be part of IWS FinTech and look forward to advancing blockchain and fintech initiatives, and helping enterprises apply these solutions to their business operations and strategy. We would only have to look at the steady rise of fintech adoption to know that businesses should ready themselves for this continued digital shift. For example, 46% of individuals exclusively use digital channels for their financial needs. Business can no longer ignore the stats that point to the importance of digital transformation to stay competitive and profitable.”

IWS FinTech’s Director, Kok Seong said, "We are delighted to welcome Danny on board as our Chief Digital Officer. Not only is he a dynamic thought-leader, but he is also one of the most forward-thinking people I know in our industry. There is no other better person than Danny as the enabler of innovation and lead transformer across the entire organisation. I am so glad to have him join us on this journey."

IWS FinTech will assist new businesses in planning and executing strategies for digital growth, primarily through the implementation of solutions and products that will future proof their existing business model and operations.

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IWS FinTech focuses on next-generation technologies that will influence lives in the next decade. By collaborating with the world’s leading corporations through co-development and co-creation to support start-ups and SMEs, it seeks to introduce solutions that will facilitate business operations in the digital age and help organisations achieve sustained business growth via access to innovative technologies. From blockchain initiatives that expedite the digitalisation of business assets to the formulation of solutions that empower companies to tackle technological and organisational challenges, IWS FinTech provides businesses with opportunities to improve productivity, performances and efficiency.
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