CedarMAX Composite Cladding Saves Energy

New siding product that provides maintenance freedom and and energy-savings guarantee on homes.

Booneville, MS, May 02, 2008 --(PR.com)-- Heartland Introduces CedarMAX™ Thermal Siding With Foundation of Protection for Maximum Insulation and Impact Resistance.

EP-Xtra™ foundation provides a strong, energy-saving,
premium-quality wall system.

Heartland Building Products has announced the availability of a new home exterior system designed to satisfy the lifestyle needs of today’s homeowners. Heartland’s CedarMAX™ Composite Cladding is now available in a new 5/4” x 7” single Cedar Plank profile in 17 designer colors for both new construction and replacement projects that provides increased energy efficiency, impact resistance and strength, with the appearance, performance and value of premium exterior cladding. This new wide face cladding product is being offered solely in 16’ 2.5” lengths to help eliminate seams for custom craftsmanship applications on the home.

CedarMAX™ Composite Cladding features an EP-Xtra™ Foundation of Protection, a permanent backing which eliminates the hollow void between conventional vinyl siding and the exterior wall. With EP-Xtra™, CedarMAX™ provides a system R-value of up to 4.0 providing four times the insulating value of vinyl siding alone, which translates to a guaranteed savings of up to 20 percent on home energy bills. The strength and durability of this new exterior wall system provides over 300 percent greater impact resistance to cracks, breakage and hailstorms when compared to conventional vinyl siding.

While providing added insulation and strength to the wall system, Heartland’s CedarMAX™ Composite Cladding is not a vapor barrier and will not trap harmful water vapor in the home which can contribute to mold growth. The EP-Xtra™ Foundation of Protection contains a non-toxic additive, called Perform Guard®, which repels wood-boring insects such as termites and other pests. Perform Guard® is made from a naturally occurring mineral and is safe for use around the home. CedarMAX™ Composite Cladding, which also has a sound transmission rating of STC 37 with wall assembly, greatly reduces outside noise from coming into the home.

“This new concept of Composite Thermal Siding for the home represents a revolution in home exterior cladding,” said Allen Duck, Heartland’s Marketing Manager. “This is a wall system that defines and characterizes a new, better-than-premium category for a totally different class of exterior cladding. Not only do homeowners receive the added benefit of energy-saving insulation and strength, but they get an appearance and performance that is comparable to other premium exterior wall systems, including fiber cement sidings.”

Heartland’s CedarMAX™ Composite Cladding panel designs also include a flat-faced, double 6-inch clapboard profile, a double 4.5” clapboard profile, a Beaded 6.5” profile and a triple 4” 103 style bevel profile. All are 5/4” Cedar Plank configurations with a low-gloss cedar grain finish. The system has been tested to sustain a wind load of over 235 mph. Structural rigidity and stability of the Heartland composite wall system, even in the most severe weather conditions, are ensured by the Heartland design for CedarMAX™, which includes a High Tension Structural Return that keeps the nail hem flush with the panel, a double-ply wind load nailing hem and Heartland’s patented Twister Lock and Cyclonic Locking System that virtually deadlocks the panels snugly into place.

Heartland Building Products, one of the world’s leading producers of siding products, maintains a state-of-the-art production facility in Booneville, MS where the company has been manufacturing its siding, soffit and accessory products since 1981. CedarMAX™ Composite Cladding and other Heartland siding products are available through wholesale distribution locations throughout the U.S.


Heartland Building Products, Inc.
Allen Duck