Short Charging Cable Co. Releases Key Ring Solution with 3 Charging Tips-in-One

Short Charging Cable Co. releases new portable charging key-ring with 3 charging tips-in-one cable that makes charging your phone easy. It provides comfortable feeling and easy to share with your friends. Ideal for charging anywhere; it lets you move freely around the house while charging your phone with a power bank. Small and extremely convenient.

Boston, MA, April 09, 2021 --( The web store, Short Charging Cable announces the release of their brand new product known as the 3 in 1 multi charging cable. All the US clients get free shipping, this cord features 3 different charging cables universally compatible with all iPhone, Samsung, OnePlus & other Android phones through its Micro USB, type C USB and the iPhone lightening cable. "Digital compatibility is our superpower," says the CEO.

The Short Charging Cable is showing to be a handy comfy to touch material and its tangle free, easily transported, guaranteed and reliable with Two years warranty, plus the store is offering free shipping and expedition of the product in under 24 hrs.

In fact, the main ambition of the store is to provide a better accessibility and comfort to the consumers, by resolving many anxiety and stress inducing problems of having to look for the right charging cable. Whereas the possession of this product will fix right away, when it comes to using it as a backup key ring solution. Whether for the user or its friends and family, additionally for the need to use multiple gadgets simultaneously.

"It isn’t just a key ring, but rather a ring of all powers!" The rise of the usage of the USB C type connectivity in various types of electronics (portable devices, laptops, cameras) makes ownership of this item an essential bliss.

The modern world is always connected; daily routines require constant information exchange and heavy usage of our gadgets which in turn leads to constant need to charge our gadgets on the go. With this short charging cable you will always fee like you are reliably covered when it comes to your gadget’s charging needs; in the car, in the office or at home.
Short Charging Cable
Hassan Boukhris