New Entity Developer 6.11 Supports EF Core 6, JSON and YAML Serialization

Devart released the new version of Entity Developer. The Czech vendor added support for Entity Framework Core 6.0, greatly improved serialization support, and presented some usability improvements.

Prague, Czech Republic, April 07, 2021 --( Devart, a recognized vendor of world-class data connectivity solutions for various data connection technologies and frameworks, rolled out the new version of Entity Developer v.6.11, a visual ORM designer for a wide variety of ORMs.

This major release introduces the following enhancements:

Support for Entity Framework Core 6.0. Even though the release of a new version of EF Core is scheduled for November 2021, Entity Developer users can design EF Core 6 models for SQLite, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, which support the Preview versions.

Significantly improved serialization support in the Data Transfer Object template for all supported ORMs, in the EF Core template for EF Core models, and in the DbContext template for Entity Framework v4 – v6 models. Improvements affected:

- Support for JSON serialization via Newtonsoft.Json or System.Text.Json libraries
- YAML support via YamlDotNet library
- Support for original column names in serialization
- Support for excluding NULL values from serialization

JSON Data Types Support in EF Core Models. Some EF Core providers have already started supporting these types, and in future this support may be added to more EF providers. Thus, the vendor has proactively extended the list of supported data types in Entity Developer.

Entity Framework Core models now have two new model settings for properties with values, generated on the storage side: Private setter for store generated properties and Constructor parameter.

Improvements of Standalone Entity Developer and Console Entity Developer.

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