High Speed Low Drag Launches RayGun Network

RayGun Network is an OTT app currently available on Roku and Fire TV.

Nashville, TN, April 08, 2021 --(PR.com)-- High Speed Low Drag launches RayGun Network, an OTT app available on Roku and Fire TV. RayGun streams movies directly to the TV, bypassing traditional distribution. Viewers have instant access and have complete control when and to watch their movies.

RayGun Network also offers "Tip the Filmmaker" - a program that will showcase independent films and allow indie filmmakers an opportunity to monetize their work while retaining the rights to their film. Filmmakers can set their price starting at .99 cents and up.

On National Beer Day, April 7, 2021, RayGun "tipped off" this new program, featuring Alien Vengeance (2010), a horror Sci-Fi film directed by Jason Liquori. Jason received an award for "Best Film Work" for "Alien Vengeance: Roadside" from Art Sunday's Underground Film Festival and a Florida Reel Award in 2009 for "Alien Vengeance: The First Encounter." Actress Debbie Rochon, also won a Golden Cob for Best Scream Queen for her work on "Alien Vengeance."

RayGun - Movies So Bad, They're Good® specializes in Horrible Horror, Weird Sci-Fi, Campy Cult, Bad Kung Fu, Wild Wild Westerns, Drive Ins/Matinees, Double Feature Creatures, and Classy Classics.

The RayGun app is available from Roku: https://my.roku.com/add/raygun
High Speed Low Drag
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