Autism: A Spiritual Perspective Article Takes a Controversial Look at Growing Developmental Disability

Autism is a brain development disorder that impairs social interaction and communication, and causes restricted and repetitive behavior, all starting before a child is three years old.

Woodcliff Lake, NJ, May 02, 2008 --( “While there is no cure at this time for Autism that does not mean there is no hope,” said Rev. Oreste J. D’Aversa, founder of The Institute of Practical Spirituality and the author of the article Autism: A Spiritual Perspective - Options for Understanding and Clarification of the Disorder. “Autism may require some “out of the box thinking” using some non-traditional ways to work with those that have the disorder.”

D’Aversa is proposing a “holistic approach” in the examination of Autism to view the disorder from a different perspective, a more spiritual based perspective. As cellular phone were science fiction 25 years ago and now are as commonplace as getting a cup of coffee so too Autism may require new tools to be created to work with those that have this developmental disability.

Just because there no cure for Autism parents and caregivers still need to care for there loved ones with Autism. There must always be hope that a breakthrough will happen however life does go on and the day to day realities must be dealt with.

D’Aversa is an all faiths minister and meditation instructor who has spent much of his career helping people learn how to use the power of their mind to deals with the modern days pressures of their professional and personal lives. Recently, during one of his meditation workshops, he realized that many of the same techniques he was teaching people could be applied to parents and caregivers to help them get a better understanding in working with those that have Autism in the hopes it would give them addition tools to work with this developmental disability.

“The easy to learn, techniques and exercises I propose in my article are meant to be used ‘in addition to and not instead of’ current modern day medical protocols,” D’Aversa said. “It gives parents and caregivers additional tools in their “Autism Tools box’ to help the people in their life with Autism.”

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