EV 2nd Generation Wind Lock Down System Gets Approved by the City of Los Angeles

EV Materials Corporation reports that its 2nd Generation Wind Lock Down System (wind uplift system) has been approved by LADBS.

Los Angeles, CA, April 09, 2021 --(PR.com)-- EV Materials Corporation reports that its patented 2nd Generation Wind Lock Down System (Wind Uplift System) has been approved by LADBS (Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety).

EV 2nd Generation Wind Lockdown System is non-visible and easy to install.

EV 2nd Generation Wind Lockdown System consists of a self-adhesive galvanized steel plate that has four tabs, and a modified plastic spacer disk that has four L-shaped sliding spacers. Each of the four L-shaped sliding spacers can be moved to the position on top of a tab to lock down the tab. Once the galvanized steel plate is locked down to the pedestals, the paver is placed onto the glue layer which is on the galvanized steel plate.

If accessing to the area below the pavers is needed, pavers can be easily removed by simply pushing the L-shaped sliding spacers away from the tabs.

Unlike some other competing products that reply on screw in the plastic screw hole to lock down the pavers, which is not reliable since the threads in a plastic screw hole is too thin and too weak, EV 2nd Generation Wind lockdown system does not use any screws at all.

The EV 2nd Generation Wind Lockdown has been tested in accordance with UL-580 by a testing lab approved by LADBS and has passed Class 90, which means it can resist 188mph wind.

About EV Materials Corporation:

EV Materials Corporation supplies porcelain pavers, adjustable pedestal systems and wind lockdown systems (wind uplift system), pervious pavers, and granite pavers. EV Materials Corporation is based in Anaheim, CA. Its products are shipped to all 50 states and Canada.

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