Shufti Pro Launches NFC Verification to Simplify Identity Verification Workflow

Shufti Pro NFC Verification is using Near Field Communication technology to make identity verification simpler for businesses and end-users.

London, United Kingdom, April 13, 2021 --( Shufti Pro, an AI-powered identity verification service provider has launched a new product, NFC Verification, to enhance its IDV process. NFC verification by Shufti Pro uses Near field Communication technology to swiftly verify the chip-based ID documents.

Shufti Pro is a globally acclaimed identity verification services provider known for assisting various industries in streamlining their customer onboarding process and fraud prevention. It has always aimed to cater to the needs of its customers around the world. Recently, it introduced an auto-capture feature to its ID document and selfie biometric verification to make the verification process effortless. Now, catering to the coming future trends Shufti Pro launched a new product “NFC Verification” for fast and accurate customer verification in a few steps.

The growing demand for NFC-enabled ID documents has raised the need for a robust Identity verification solution that uses NFC technology to authenticate e-ID cards, e-passports, and e-driving licence. NFC-enabled ID documents consist of a chip that encrypts the identifiable information of the person. Shufti Pro’s intelligent NFC Verification service can now efficiently capture the data within the chip and authenticate it against the authorised document.

NFC Verification will assist Shufti Pro in improving their IDV process and enhance the customer experience. Shufti Pro will now detect spoof attacks more accurately while providing faster and more reliable services to their customers. This initiative will allow Shufti Pro to simplify the identity verification process for their business entities as well as end-users.

Shufti Pro’s CTO, Shahid Hanif talks about the significance of NFC, “Due to the increase in the demand of digital IDs, the businesses are looking for a faster way for identity verification. Technology is evolving rapidly and being a global service provider it’s crucial for us to adopt the new trends in mainstream technology and provide our customers with a more reliable identity verification process. This will not only enhance the accuracy of results for our customers but will help them improve their customer experience by incorporating new technologies in the user verification journey.”

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Shufti Pro is an identity verification service provider. It offers KYC and AML services globally. It uses both human intelligence and artificial intelligence in its technology to provide highly effective and accurate service. Shufti Pro provides an accuracy rate of 98.67%. It has verified users in 232+ countries and territories. Shufti Pro has been the first of its kind to provide identity verification services that cover a large number of countries.
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