British Kid's Book Box Launches New Website

British book subscription boxes just for children aged 9-12. Until now, The Junior Travelling Reader has been hosted by The Original Travelling Reader on the website, but now there is a brand-new exclusive website just for kids.

Poole, United Kingdom, April 11, 2021 --( COVID-19 has had a phenomenal effect worldwide and children have found its impact particularly hard to understand. Children need a source of hope, inspiration and comfort in these times of the start of "returning to normal."

The new Junior Travelling Reader website is launching at just the right time, allowing children to explore the country of Britain while remaining safe and giving them something exciting to do over the holidays.

This service brings a reading experience to a new level: British-set books and products to match either the setting or the book themes and delivered directly to their door. This is the perfect way for kids to stay home and keep safe, explore new places remotely, and increase their mental and physical well-being which, in these strange times, is essential.

The benefits of encouraging children to read have long been known:

Reading develops language skills and competency in children; books help develop children’s imaginations; reading makes kids think in different ways, expanding their knowledge and thought processes; many parents believe that reading is a better form of entertainment than screens (but don’t know how to encourage it; escaping into a book can improve children’s positive physical and mental health.

Particularly, these subscription boxes offer the following benefits:

Hand-picked fiction books so that parents know their child is reading appropriate material and sourced gift products to accompany the book (they either relate to the book or the area in which the book is set) in a fitting way thereby enhancing children’s reading experiences and children can ‘travel’ to exciting areas around the British Isles. A great way to expand their knowledge of places, history, culture, and customs.

The accompanying welcome packs include a wall map and stickers for children to chart their "reading journeys" thus enabling them to build a better understanding of their world.

Managing Director, Michelle Price, says, “In a world where everything is uncertain, children need to feel connected. Books can connect them to themselves, to others, to their imaginations, and reading can alleviate stress in a way like no other. Stories have that magical ability to transport you to another time and place and we’ve made it that much easier for parents to encourage their children to experience the joys of reading.”

The Junior Travelling Reader book boxes are modelled on the adult fiction boxes, The Original Travelling Reader (

Each month includes a different British junior (ages 9-12) fiction book based in an area of Britain, a place-related treat and gift, alongside travel information, a personalised postcard, exclusive bookmark and, at times, a letter from the book’s author. There are also 5 photos within the book pages to give children an even greater appreciation of the setting of the book without them ever having to leave home.

Boxes are available as a one-off gift box, previous boxes are always available in The Junior Travelling Reader shop, or readers can subscribe on a monthly basis. Prices start at £19.99.

We are proud to support British businesses especially at this present time.
The Junior Travelling Reader
Michelle Price