The Team from Grab The Axe Meets with U.S. Senator Mark Kelly’s Senior Advisor Carmen Frias

Phoenix, AZ, April 11, 2021 --( On Thursday, April 8th, 2021, Senior Advisor Carmen Frias sat down to speak with Jeff Welch, Co-Founder of Grab The Axe Security Consulting, Marie Welch, Co-Founder of Grab The Axe and Dr Mark Smith, Business Advisor & UAT Professor to speak about cybersecurity issues.

Ms. Frias reaffirmed Sen. Kelly’s support for Arizona business owners and his dedication to protecting Americans from online attacks. Frias was very open to both new ideas and suggestions for tackling the massive increase in cyber attacks since the start of the pandemic. Senator Kelly’s knowledge and background as both a Navy pilot and NASA Astronaut gives him a solid position amongst current Senators to truly take hold of this critical issue.

“Senator Kelly served the country as both a decorated Naval pilot and then as a NASA Astronaut,” stated Dr Mark Smith, “Given the scientific and technological background possessed by the Senator we believe he will be a strong advocate for American businesses and their security needs.”

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