Poker Face Games Announces the Release of Texas Holdem StrataCards

New Texas Holdem StrataCards is a unique deck of cards that lets you to play poker, by yourself or with friends.

Seattle, WA, May 02, 2008 --( Poker Face Games, a new company based out of Seattle, WA, is announcing the release of its premier product: Texas Holdem StrataCards. This is the first in a line of products that let you play poker games by yourself, while learning tips and tricks of the pros.

"The unique design of the cards allows you to play poker like a game of solitaire," said Jason Cortese, founder of Poker Face Games. "You won't be able to see your opponent's cards, but you can use the card faces on the back to figure out what they might have. Learn to spot bad beats, missed draws, pure bluffs, and the stone cold nuts — everything you might expect from the real game, because it plays just like the real game."

Describing what sets StrataCards apart from other products, he added, "Each deck of the StrataCard System provides you with a wealth of knowledge culled from years of play and dozens of books. We've condensed the most useful information into a simple version of the game that you can play anywhere at anytime. There are no boring books to read or large charts to memorize, just fun games that reinforce critical skills as you play."

The StrataCard System was created by poker professionals, and developed by with the help of Jason Cortese, keeping one goal in mind.

"Poker may be a game of chance, but there is a reason we often see the same players at the final tables: Poker players learn by playing poker. The professionals have all learned their skills through many hours of playing the game. And these cards let you do that now at your own pace, at your own convenience, without the same expense."

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