Award Winning, Globetrotting DJ Joins Local NJ Radio Station, Pop Radio 77

Pete Cato is bringing a world of experience to Pop Radio 77 with his new show, Pit Stop with Pete Cato.

Franklinville, NJ, April 17, 2021 --( Pete Cato has worked at radio stations around the world, including Moscow, Russia, and Helsinki, Finland. Drawn to Pop Radio 77 for its unique format and style, Cato left one of the largest radio stations in the Midwest, to start a new show here in New Jersey. Cato was awarded Radio Host of the Year in 2013 and won Best Radio Show in 2014 and 2015. Now, Pete Cato brings his award winning brand of radio to Pop Radio 77 with his new show, Pit Stop with Pete Cato.

Pit Stop with Pete Cato is a live radio program that airs 3-7 weekday afternoons. Cato discusses current events, tells personal anecdotes, interviews special guests, and responds to listener comments and requests. In addition to playing the super hits from the 60s, 70s, & 80s, Pit Stop with Pete Cato delivers up-to-date news, sports, and weather every hour. The show is streamed live via the Pop Radio 77 app and on

Pete Cato is passionate about radio and the great music of the past: "The hits of the 60s, 70s, & 80s are from a time before auto tuning could make anyone a pop star. Music was raw. Lyrics had meaning. Whether it was about love, protest, or just having a good time. The artists had to put in real work; sitting in the studio for days at a time, doing take after take. Producers and engineers working tirelessly in the control booth. It could take weeks just to record one song. Now, a song can be recorded, auto tuned, and mixed on a computer in a matter of hours. To quote Bob Seger - 'Today's music ain’t got the same soul.'”

Pop Radio 77 continues to grow and expand its content and programming with new personalities and talent, such as Pete Cato. Going forward, post-COVID, Pop Radio 77 will look to engage with the community and provide the South Jersey region with live events, promotions, contests, and new content.

About Pop Radio 77: Founded in 2019, Pop Radio 77 builds its playlists and music charts around the greatest songs that were the biggest on Music Radio WABC, which dominated the AM airwaves for 50 years, until its end in 1982. Many of the great traditions that were common on WABC have been incorporated into the Pop Radio 77 routine. Traditions such as call-in contests, nonstop music blocks, great radio personalities, and summer chime-times are all a part of Pop Radio 77. The music lives once again! For more information visit
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