Female Rapper Rocks Blow Up Turkey Suit in Music Video: "Cold Turkey"

Portland, ME, April 20, 2021 --(PR.com)-- Femcee Aynjewl Faycc (pronounced Angel Face) dropped her music video for latest release “Cold Turkey.” The title relates to the cliche “quitting cold turkey” referring to love as a drug. In this case, it wasn’t Faycc’s choice to discontinue a relationship.

Faycc explains how she was “straight up dissed” by a guy she was talking to. In this situation, she actually never met the guy in the physical form which is one of her weak points. By having a creative and open mind, she tends to fall in love with ideas. “There was nothing, no responses, nothing bad happened, I was just cut off— cold turkey,” recalls Faycc.

As with many crushes, that’s all they ever seem to be— “crushes.” Although still hopeful, she doesn’t give “it” up unless she is sure the relationship is family friendly. In actuality, at the heart of Faycc’s desires is the longing for motherhood that was stripped from her due to unconventional beliefs.

Black Heart (the album) releasing next Friday consists of lonely emotions while waiting for new love. Cold Turkey is the last single released that will be featured on the album. The entire song loops a sample from the last voicemail Faycc received from the guy she wrote the song about.

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