Toradex Verdin System on Module with NXP i.MX 8M Plus - Now Shipping

Horw, Switzerland, April 24, 2021 --( Toradex is extending its successful Verdin System on Module (SoM) Family with modules featuring the NXP® i.MX 8M Plus applications processor. The NXP i.MX 8M Plus is a perfect fit for the Verdin standard.

Interface highlights include HDMI, LVDS, 2x MIPI CSI Camera Interfaces, Dual Ethernet with Time-Sensitive Networking, 2x CAN-FD, PCIe Gen 3, USB 3.1, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and much more.

The NXP i.MX 8M Plus features 4x Cortex-A53 @1.8 GHz and a powerful GPU supporting OpenGL ES 3.1, Vulkan and OpenCL. The integrated Cortex-M7 microcontroller @800Mhz can handle low latency and real-time tasks. Error Correcting Memory (Inline ECC) increases the reliability.

Vision and Machine Learning applications profit from a high performance yet low power 2.8 TOPs Neural Network Processor Unit (NPU) and Integrated Image Signal Processor (ISP). Compared to GPUs and CPUs, NPUs are more effective to run neural networks as they are highly optimized for this task. The NPU gives the Verdin iMX8M Plus excellent performance, while the low power consumption keeps the temperature down and allows for a small form factor and outstanding price performance.

The ISP allows high-performance image preprocessing directly on the SoM. This means a wide range of camera sensors can be used even if they do not have an ISP integrated. Toradex partnered with Vision Components to enable several Sony Sensors ideal for industrial, agriculture and medical applications.

The Verdin iMX8M Plus is fully compatible with the Verdin Family. This means you get all the advantages that make it so easy to integrate a Verdin in your design, such as, wide input power range, advanced peripheral power management, a reliable edge connector, off-the-shelf thermal solutions, extensive design guides and a ready ecosystem.

As with any Toradex System on Module, the Verdin iMX8M Plus comes with extensive Software support. Including Reference images for the Yocto Project and full support of Torizon.

Torizon simplifies the development and operation of your products. It allows you to continue to improve your product in a secure and reliable way. Its integration with development tools such as Visual Studio Code allows for customization without building your own Yocto-based distribution. It also comes with automotive-grade Over-The-Air update services to simplify field updates. A comprehensive ecosystem of off-the-shelf software and integration partners reduces project risk and lowers the time-to-market.

The Verdin iMX8M Plus will also be at the core of the upcoming Maivin - a modular full-stack AI Vision System, in partnership with Au-Zone and Vision Components.

The Verdin iMX8M Plus is available immediately in the Toradex webshop. To learn more and get a detailed list of supported features, please visit:

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