Luner Launches Technology Agnostic IoT Marketplace to Provide One-Stop-Shop for IoT Developers

San Francisco, CA, April 24, 2021 --( Luner, the technology agnostic, self-service IoT connectivity platform for IoT developers and SMEs, has today launched its IoT Marketplace, providing a complete one-stop-shop for developers looking to get their IoT projects off the ground.

The Luner Marketplace will provide a growing selection of IoT hardware and related products for the development of end-to-end IoT solutions. The first hardware partner to offer its devices via the Luner Marketplace is Sierra Wireless, the global leader in IoT solutions. Luner is offering the AirLink® range of cellular routers and gateways designed for IoT and enterprise applications. These include the AirLink® RV55; a rugged, compact, LTE-A Pro router, designed to connect critical remote assets, infrastructure and vehicles, the AirLink® RV50X; the industry’s lowest power consuming LTE-advanced gateway and the AirLink® LX40 and LX60 LTE-M (global) and Cat 4 (EMEA) range designed for commercial and enterprise LTE applications such as IP cameras, security, Point-of-Sale (PoS) terminals and smart lockers.

The Luner Marketplace can be used to simply source IoT devices and components, or as a complement to Luner’s global IoT SIM cards which offer multi-network coverage in 185 countries worldwide. The Luner self-service connectivity platform has been designed for easy self-onboarding and self-management of SIM cards via one intuitive interface. Luner’s IoT data plans are available on a pay-as-you-go basis, with no contracts or monthly bills, ideal for developers or SMEs. For larger scale projects, the Luner Enterprise Plan offers flexible data pools with the ability to upgrade or downscale data use each month. The Luner platform offers granular management of IoT connectivity, including control of data limits and unlimited access to data usage records. Users can also access a full API suite, enabling them to integrate the service directly into their application layer or software.

Nicola Pickard, Business Development Director of Luner commented, “We are excited to launch the Luner Marketplace and to welcome Sierra Wireless as our first hardware partner. This is an important step in our mission to become the first truly agnostic IoT marketplace, giving IoT applications developers fast and easy access to all the elements they need to build and power their IoT applications. We will continue to add a wide selection of partner products to the Luner Marketplace over the coming months, and we encourage other hardware partners to join us as we provide developers with a one-stop-shop for all the components of their IoT applications.”

Marc Overton, CSO and SVP of EMEA and APAC, Sierra Wireless commented, “Our secure and intelligent range of AirLink® cellular routers and gateways allow both big and small businesses to easily set up wireless communications systems for applications such as fleet management, business continuity, security and remote monitoring. Sierra Wireless is focused on enabling businesses to transform and thrive in today’s connected economy and we are pleased to now be able to offer our AirLink® cellular routers and gateways to Luner’s IoT Marketplace customers.”
Nicola Pickard