Transparency Amplified for Traveling Healthcare Workers on Fusion Marketplace

Transparency Amplified for Traveling Healthcare Workers on Fusion Marketplace
Omaha, NE, April 23, 2021 --( Fusion Marketplace is making transparency a top priority in the medical staffing industry, and healthcare professionals are calling it a game changer.

Publicly showing the exact pay a traveler will be bringing home each week is not the standard in the medical staffing industry. However, travelers are wanting transparency before they make the next decision in their career. Fusion Marketplace is giving them that.

“You can compare all the different pay packages and jobs from multiple different companies in one spot which is such a game changer,” said Kylee Nelson, RN. “I’m very upset this wasn't around four years ago when I started traveling because that would have made my life so much easier.”

Transparency ensures the traveling healthcare professional is aware of the important details regarding each position while they browse the Marketplace. The future of healthcare staffing is putting travelers first with less unknowns. Healthcare professionals seeking their next assignment will be aware of these details that were previously hard to get to.

“We’ve completed surveys and held panels with healthcare travelers so their voice is heard, and we consistently hear how much transparency is valued,” said Sara Winters of Fusion Marketplace. “We want to focus our energy in making sure Fusion Marketplace benefits them as the industry adapts.”

With transparency as an essential part of the healthcare traveler process, Fusion Marketplace is prioritizing openness and clarity for healthcare professionals. Travelers are able to use the Marketplace to compare the many options within their career and take the reins of their adventure.

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