Critica PPE Secures Exclusive X-Ray Scatter Radiation Protective Gear

USAXRAY Selects Critica PPE as the Exclusive Representative for Their Thanos Line of X-Ray Protective Gear

Miami, FL, April 28, 2021 --( Critica PPE announced they have reached an agreement with one of the top names in diagnostic scatter radiation protection, Burkart Roentgen International, better known as USA XRAY. Critica PPE will be the exclusive representative of their new, innovative Thanos Line of Lead-Free X-Ray protective wear.

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, when people hear mention of PPE supplies, they tend to immediately think of N95 respirations, latex gloves, and face shields. But the PPE that protects the personal safety of medical, dental, and radiation therapy professionals can play an even more critical role in protecting America’s health.

According to Merle Silver, COO of Critica PPE, “If the people we rely upon for our healthcare cannot be totally confident that they are protected, then the level of care they provide suffers. That makes their health and safety paramount in our battle to get America back to school and back to work.”

Mr. Silver went on to say that, “As we began to recognize there was a growing need for a higher level of scatter radiation protection for medical professionals, we sought out the best in the industry. And by every measure, that is USAXRAY, a fact they represent in everything they do.”

The new Thanos Line consists of some of the most requested protective items by practitioners. It includes Wraparound Vests and Skirts, Single-Sided Aprons, Protective Scrub Style Hats, Thyroid Shields, and PPE Glasses. These were all developed in-house and American Made.

George Burkhart, President of USAXRAY noted, “With over 40 years of experience in the field of diagnostic scatter radiation protection, we have built our reputation on our product quality and superior customer service. We pride ourselves on incorporating the latest technology and science into every product we manufacture.”

Ellen Burkhart, VP, Operations for USAXRAY added, “To develop this new line of X-Ray protective gear, we brought together the latest technology, most up-to-date science, and state-of-the-art materials. With the Thanos line, we have products that represent the cutting-edge in. scatter radiation protection. We believe that medical professionals deserve the best protection possible. And we are dedicated to bringing the best protection to them, at the best value possible in this new line.”

Located in St. Petersburg, Florida, USAXRAY, has long been recognized as the industry leader. They are widely known for their high-quality, US manufactured products and respected for their deep domain expertise in X-Ray scatter technology and radiation protective materials.

In closing, Carl Feinberg, Critica PPE CEO, said, “Adding the highest level of safety possible for healthcare professionals who work with radiation every day is a hugely important concern for Critica PPE. We have worked diligently since the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic to support those workers and professionals who take care of us all. And this exclusive Thanos Line of X-Ray protective equipment will be instrumental in that effort.”

Burkhart Roentgen, International, Inc., DBA USAXRAY has been protecting practitioners against scatter radiation for over 40 years. An American company manufacturing in St. Petersburg, FL. it offers a unique service to the science of radiology. They take pride in manufacturing products that reflect a commitment to the continuous advancement of the field of radiation protection. Since their founding in 1974, they have worked diligently to establish an international reputation of excellence in product and service to the field of Radiation Protection.
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