Lab Confirms the Effectiveness of the CPE99 Antiviral Masks from Giraffe Products Ltd.

Face mask is proven to disable COVID-19.

Durham, United Kingdom, April 30, 2021 --( Its been reported that tests carried out in Finland confirm the ability of the CPE99 anti-viral face masks from Giraffe Products Ltd. to disable the COVID-19 virus. This follows on from tests by several labs worldwide including Nelson Labs and Intertek. These masks have a layer that contains a natural food grade additive in its formula that disables the virus.

The following is an extract from a recent lab report on the anti-viral masks.

"Proven to have a clear ability to arrest corona virus and enterovirus with a 99.9% ratio. Furthermore the 99.9% reduction was seen already after the shortest tested incubation time (5 minutes)" Source: The Tampere University Finland Department of Virology & Faculty of Medicine & Health Technology.

The company advised that the CPE99 anti-viral, anti-bacterial masks are now patented in the USA where they will soon be available. Its other patents now cover over 153 countries.
Giraffe Products Ltd.
Peter Phillipson