"The Plant Food Diet Miracle" Book, Authored by Award Winning and Best-Selling Author Walter B. Biondi, is Released by Archway (Simon & Shuster) Publishing

Plant Food and Whole Food diets, accompanied by their proven health and medical benefits, compel the need for integrating and conveying new medical findings of great importance to all. The author, Walter B. Biondi said "the fountain of youth" has been discovered, for those who want to know the secrets.

Port Ludlow, WA, May 06, 2021 --(PR.com)-- Biondi said, "Most everyone has the choice of either letting the Grim Reaper in prematurely or living an additional 10, 20, or 30 more years in good health." This book describes what some would call food for thought, in a 330 page surprising message that shares and exposes one of the most important health related findings and secrets of the millennium. The author provides life changing revelations, for those who dare to read what a great many leaders and forces don't want people to know.

Hippocrates was the so-called Greek father of medicine who lived over 2,400 years ago. He once wrote, "Before you heal someone, ask him if he is willing to give up the things that made him sick." Recent medical discoveries prove Hippocrates was correct. Modern day medicine has unquestionably shown that dozens of medical conditions and diseases are caused by, and can be cured by, what we eat.

"The Plant-Food Diet Miracle" is an informative, pragmatic book that shares the importance of eating plant-based foods. Diets based on plants have repeatedly improved people's health. It's that simple. This educational book is also packed with delicious, nutritious recipes celebrating plant foods.

If you would like to live-in much better health-an additional ten, twenty, or even thirty years longer, then this book will expedite you on your quest. It's time to take business away from the medical and pharmaceutical industries and heal yourself with the help of revelations that are life changing, if you dare to read what many don't want you to know. "The Plant Food Diet Miracle" book promises to be refreshingly informative and revealing. Available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other locations.


Walter B. Biondi is the award winning and best selling author of "Jeremiah's Tale" and "The Promiscuous Puppeteer." His newest book, "The Plant Food Diet Miracle" will serve as a "Fountain Of Youth" for those who have been hoping to find one. Walt provides information that government health officials, politicians, and certain industry leaders do not want people to know. Once known it can add 10, 20, even 30 more additional happier and healthier years to the average person's life. The science and outcomes are unequivocal. Whole Foods, Plant Foods, and a Vegan lifestyle are a significant part of that equation. Read all about it in his new 330 page book which includes many mouth watering recipes.
Walter B. Biondi