SonicCloud’s Enterprise Software Solution for Those with Mild to Profound Hearing Loss is Now Available in Canada

It's time to level the playing field for those with moderate to severe hearing loss in the workplace.

Oakville, Canada, May 28, 2021 --( SENSUS is proud to announce that they are an official partner of SonicCloud in Canada. (

The SonicCloud solution is a revolutionary application that allows you to personalize all the sound on your computer, with clear benefits for those with “normal” hearing, as well as for those with mild to profound hearing loss.

With the global shift to remote work and education during the time of COVID-19, people and teams across Canada are communicating and collaborating on video conferencing platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Lifesize, Poly and using VoIP for taking and making phone calls.

SonicCloud understands how this change in work habits can be especially challenging for people who suffer any degree of hearing loss.

SonicCloud’s new enterprise program includes a simplified version of the program that works seamlessly in conjunction with videoconferencing and VoIP applications. SonicCloud recognizes that voices and dialogue can come out muddy, muffled and distant on conference calls – even if you are using today’s very best headsets. SonicCloud gives users an extra boost in richness, clarity and customization to quickly and seamlessly increase speech understanding.

SonicCloud’s simplified version of the product includes new "Sample Profiles" which can be quickly selected based on the user's hearing ability - whether they have "normal" hearing, or mild to profound hearing loss - and used as a starting point to immediately enhance all the audio on the user's computer.

For those who desire more precise customization, the SonicCloud Hearing Test can be downloaded on iPhone or Android, and the resultant hearing profile will automatically appear in the desktop/laptop application, tailored to the user’s hearing fingerprint.

SENSUS and SonicCloud are here to ensure that employee and team remote communication is as easy, efficient, and accessible as possible.

As Canada’s preferred SonicCloud partner, they are here to help onboard and support organizations that wish to implement SonicCloud through their expert service and local support.

“SENSUS is extremely excited about introducing SonicCloud into the Canadian enterprise space as a solution to help organizations and individuals continue to communicate better and operate at their full potential. We have been looking for a solution for several years to help those with hearing loss. Simply turning up the volume on your computer or headset does not work. With SonicCloud installed, team members can adjust their hearing personalization settings to hear everything once thought impossible without hearing aids. SonicCloud works flawlessly with all leading video and audio applications. Our team of SonicCloud trained Professionals looks forward to helping you hear everything clearly.” - Michael Williams, Director of Marketing & Emerging Markets at SENSUS.
SENSUS Communication Solutions Inc.
Michael Williams