The Top 51 Business Hacks for 2021 by MADDCity.Live Event Coordinator, N. D. "Indy" Brennan

Master business planner and development strategist releases long awaited book project.

Atlanta, GA, June 28, 2021 --( On May 23, 2020, master business development strategist N. D. “Indy” Brennan released the highly anticipated "Top 51 Business Hacks For 2021." The book is available in paperback and as an eBook on all Amazon distribution channels and on the author’s website at The book is written in a style designed to appeal to business professionals and entrepreneurs from the Fortune 100 level to small and midsize companies.

“Hacks” is a popular expression used by many professionals today when referencing tips or new techniques for branding, marketing, gaining new clients, or simply running your company. "The Top 51 Business Hacks For 2021" was taken directly from recommendations and conversations between the author and entrepreneurs and business professionals. It is written in a style that is easy to read and highly suggestive.

United States bankruptcy courts reported nearly 500 companies filed bankruptcy between January and September 2020. This report was limited to public companies or private companies with public debt where either assets or liabilities at the time of the bankruptcy filing were at least $2 million. Private companies without public debt were required to report at least $10 million in either assets or liabilities at the time of the report. Most of these companies were not in the financial position to pay the rate normally associated with hiring seasoned business development consultants. As an answer to this national call to action, "The Top 51 Business Hacks" was written.

The author explains, “A great number of companies specifically between 2019 and 2020 could have been saved from bankruptcy with the assistance of people that do what I do. The challenge is most can’t afford to hire us, especially when they find themselves on the fence financially. 'The Top 51 Business Hacks' was written with these entrepreneurs and corporate professionals in mind. Aside from it being a fantastic resource, it provides game-changing solutions for the cost of a business lunch. It’s a win-win!”

"The Top 51 Business Hacks For 2021" is available on Amazon for $29.99. As part of the celebration, N. D. “Indy” Brennan is offering a free promotional t-shirt for a limited time for eBooks purchased from the author’s site. MADDCity.Live is the publishing company for "The Top 51 Business Hacks For 2021."
R. M. Hardison