Cultivating Compassion in Children – Spreading Compassion with Disabilities and Aging with a Free eBook for Father’s Day

The world needs more compassion. Help spread the word of compassion with a wonderful Father's Day Gift Suggestion - a Children's Book on Aging and Disabilities. It is available for free June 2-6 on Amazon in eBook format.

Westminster, CO, June 02, 2021 --( There is no doubt, more compassion is needed in our society. There is a particular need for compassion and awareness of aging and disabilities. Have you ever thought a person was mad at you because they were talking loudly, only to find out later that they have hearing issues? Can you imagine how misunderstandings in this situation could fuel the fire leading to disastrous outcomes with frustration, anger, and rage?

Have you noticed someone you love not able to do the activities they used to do? Children experience this also, but don’t always understand why. They may question why grandpa doesn’t want to play ball with them to the extent they did in the past. They may walk away thinking their grandpa just isn’t interested in spending time with them anymore.

It’s heartbreaking to be looking in and see this happen. All the books in Cultivating Compassion in Children address compassion in some form. They are about preparing, nurturing, growing, teaching, and appreciating compassionate children through creating increased awareness. It is like gardening that requires preparing the soil, watering, and fertilizing the plants, weeding, and then appreciating the fruit or flowers that are produced. The stories are intended, like looking through a magnifying glass, for children to get a bigger picture, a greater understanding of different situations.

The series addresses inclusion, bullying, kindness, and understanding the natural process of aging. Seymour and Serina Seed start each of the stories and then wrap them up at the end. Each of the stories have questions at the end to help facilitate a healthy discussion between the adult and child about the messages conveyed in the story.

What's Wrong With Grandpa is a story about understanding aging, disabilities, acceptance, and compassion. This beautifully illustrated book is a great story to help explain the impacts of aging and how it doesn't change the love a grandparent or aging person has for a child.

This is a wonderful story for grandparents to share with their grandchildren. Here is the direct link to a free eBook, June 2-6, available on Amazon:

Help spread the word of compassion by reading, talking, and discussing kindness and understanding with a child. It also makes a great Father’s Day gift on June 20, 2021.

Below is review on the book from Amazon customer, Bev:

Reviewed in the United States on April 12, 2021
Author Sonja Wendy answers an important question for ages 6 - 8 years: how do you talk to your kids when adults can’t do what they used to? Aging is all around us - yet society emphasizes youth and perfection.

Winter has passed, and young Joey is excited about spending a day in the mountains with his Grandpa. Immediately, he notices that Grandpa is slowing down and not moving like he was the previous year. He doesn’t hear or see like he used to. He needs walking sticks to get around. And Grandpa talks so loudly it hurts Joey’s ears. “What’s wrong with Grandpa?” He wonders throughout their day together.

This is an excellent sharing read for adults and children that opens a discussion - there is much beyond what the eye first sees. Richly illustrated and through gentle discussion and increased awareness, Joey realizes that things don’t stay the same always, including his beloved Grandpa.
Cultivating Compassion in Children LLC
Sonja Wendt