Why NuvopreneurTV Launched a TV Channel When There Are so Many Already

In a world where there are more TV channels than one can ever hope to watch, is there really a need for one more TV channel? This is what most people wonder when they learn there's a new digital channel on the block.

Mumbai, India, June 03, 2021 --(PR.com)-- "Today's viewers are inundated with information on a daily basis. There's news, entertainment, sports programs, stock market updates, movies, religious programs and a lot more, all crying for our attention."

"But," pointed out Shanbhag, "We don't have a TV Channel exclusively for business and marketing related insights. Be it training, skill upgrading, interviews or sharing of viewpoints and predictions by experts."

Last year, during the COVID-19 lock-down, everybody was faced with challenges of adapting to new ways of working. People required to change according to the changing business scenarios by upgrading themselves with new skills. "Work-from-home" was another challenge which required them to adapt immediately.

With additional time on their hands, most could not find relevant sources for upgrading in digestible sizes. Unfortunately, what they found were either, long and cumbersome courses, or extremely watered-down and superficial videos on YouTube. Most were unsuitable for the purpose.

Nuvopreneur saw a need for bite-sized content on these topics. The potential was there.

But no one was catering to that need. So the people at Nuvopreneur thought about launching this new service under their own brand - Nuvopreneur TV, making it clear that it is targeted towards the new and upcoming entrepreneur and the small business owner.

According to Prash Shanbhag, the founder of Nuvopreneur TV, "Most people don't have long stretches of time to fit in formal training or webinars. The very best strategy, in such cases, is utilizing the small breaks in your daily schedule to find bite-sized content that one can consume and implement quickly. In many cases, doing this has helped our viewers see immediate changes."

To try out their channel for yourself visit nuvopreneur.com/tv-on-demand/
Prash Shanbhag