iUniverse Announces the Release of the Blistered Cat by Chuck Bianchi

Bloomington, IN, May 04, 2008 --(PR.com)-- From the Hills of Harlan, KY Comes a New Voice and an Eastern Kentucky Coming-of-Age Story.

Most men will describe the events in their lives, few share the associated emotions. In his fictionalized autobiography, The Blistered Cat, Chuck Bianchi reaches deep into his heart to craft a rare and powerful portrait of a teenage boy’s consciousness. Drawing liberally on all five senses, he conjures images of the past as if they had happened only moments before.

The novel chronicles fourteen-year-old Chuck Moretti’s summer at his father’s funeral home, located across the street from a honky-tonk, the Blistered Cat, in a small eastern Kentucky mining town. Yanked from his childhood, Chuck runs on adrenaline as he:

• Participates in critical emergencies with hair-raising ambulance rides.
• Witnesses the sorrow of traumatic and natural death.
• Finds mischief and conflict with his best friend, Andy.
• Daydreams about Molly Sue, the preacher’s daughter
• Struggles to understand his father and the undertaking profession.
• Hungers for the love and guidance from his deceased mother.

In her August 23, 2006 “Comments On” column of the Harlan Daily Enterprise, Charlotte Nolan wrote, “Bianchi tells his story with raw openness and honesty…There is a thread of loneliness and pathos woven throughout his story as he deals with the bewilderment and frustrations of a boy on the threshold of becoming a man.”

With realistic characters and authentic dialog, Chuck Bianchi wrote The Blistered Cat, his debut novel, from his heart and through his own experiences and memories. Readers will revel in this Eastern Kentucky coming-of-age story that is full of texture, wit, and a style that rings of J.D. Salinger’s great novel A Catcher in the Rye.

About the Author

Chuck Bianchi is a native of Harlan County, Kentucky. Molded into his responsibilities in the family business, Bianchi became a licensed EMT and mortician. A natural storyteller, Bianchi has been honing his literary skills to deliver his heart-warming and bone-chilling experiences to the world. Bianchi now resides in Baxter, KY, with his wife, son, and several rescued dogs. He is currently working on a sequel to his first novel. Visit Bianchi at www.chuckbianchi.com.

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