Leading Southport Estate Agent, Curlett Jones Assists in Making Sure Your Property is Getting Enough Viewings

Advice and tips from a leading Southport Estate Agent, on how to create more interest in your property and attract potential buyers.

Leading Southport Estate Agent, Curlett Jones Assists in Making Sure Your Property is Getting Enough Viewings
Liverpool, United Kingdom, June 05, 2021 --(PR.com)-- It's always an issue for certain properties, isn't it? It can be demoralising when you notice a property that has been on the market only a few days get sold, while you are left wondering why after 3 months, your house still remains on the market.

According to figures released by property portal Zoopla, the value of homes sold in 2021 is expected to reach the £461 billion mark. A rise of 46 percent on 2020. So, with the market as buoyant as it currently is, why do some properties remain on the market, reflecting little interest compared to other properties?

5 Top Tips and Advice to Attract More Viewers

1. Is your property valued correctly?

One of the foremost reasons some properties get such little interest is because the value has been overpriced. Alan Jones, Sales Director of leading Southport Estate Agent, Curlett Jones, said: “If viewings are scarce, it is a probable sign that the property has not been valued correctly. Speak to your agent about the asking price and check it against other similar properties on the market. A reduced value may speed up the viewing and offers process.”

In a bid to compete for the contract on a vendor's home, some agents can be a little bit to eager to overvalue a property in order to please the vendor and gain the contract. However, as good as it sounds to a prospective seller to go with the agent offering a better sale price, it can also be a false positive, as the property remains unsold.

It's also worth noting that similar properties on the market if reduced for a quick sale, can also reflect on the correct value of your property.

2. Make your Property Saleable

It may sound obvious, but it's surprising how many people don't take the time or trouble to get their homes ready for viewings. It's a universal law, that as people we see things as we are and not as things really are. Because we get so used to conditions as they have been, it's too easy to overlook the snagging bits that need doing in a property. The usual kitchen appliances left out cluttering workspaces, the clothes maiden on the landing and all the other everyday needs that creates a normal life. However, when buyers come to view your home, they don't always see past your lifestyle environment.

When a potential buyer views your home, they will imagine how it will feel if they were living there. Any clutter or half-finished decorating will detract from their expectations, and compromise any sale. Also, too much personal memorabilia, such as ornaments, photographs, too much furniture, and patterned furnishings, can blind any buyer to the property's potential.

Start by removing and storing personal bric-a-brac, and any clutter. This will also help you make that emotional leap of change and prepare you mentally for a move. Finish any decorating, spruce up the garden and create a welcoming first impression. Kerb appeal is also an excellent pre-requisite for potential buyers driving past. Taking the time to ensure the windows are sparkling, curtains and blinds immaculate, the front door freshly painted or varnished, and the frontage is in good order.

3. Photography that Smacks of Style and Shows the Property at its Best

Usually, the first impression any potential buyer will make about your property will be through the online portals. As a showcase and first point of call, good photography is a must. Peter Curlett, Creative Director at Curlett Jones Estates said: “In an online industry, giving an audience of buyers the first impression of your home cannot be overstated. It's the agent's responsibility to ensure that their photographer is not only tech savvy, but has an insight into what the buyer would be looking for. Professional photography is a must.”

4. Property Description

A vanilla and plain property description seems to be the norm in today's property market. Words, like pictures, weave an impression that can either attract a buyer or leave them uninspired. A good agent will wax lyrical between the practical and emotional aspects of the property to inspire and motivate viewings.

5. Choose your Agent Wisely

Take time to find a good agent, ask questions about similar properties the agent has sold in your area. It's important to appoint an agent that is deeply connected within the community. Madalena Penny, Marketing Director of Curlett Jones Estates said: “An agent should be motivated, and have a quiet confidence when it comes to selling your property. The aggressive approach does not serve any positive purpose. All too many agents try to harass buyers, alienating any interest in the property sale.”

So How Many Viewings should a Vendor Expect?

Does your agent update you regularly with feedback, and advise you based on the current market? Based on the first flourish of a new property being put out there, you should get the most interest in the first few weeks of your home being put on the market. If you find interest and viewings scarce, it may be time to rethink the price and your agent.
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