Taggbox Display Collaborates with Screencloud to Effectively Leverage UGC on Digital Screens

When Taggbox Display & ScreenCloud come together, they enable brands to seamlessly display social media walls equipped with UGC & additional informative content that grab the viewers' attention, improve engagement, generate leads, & enhance conversions.

Walnut, CA, June 13, 2021 --(PR.com)-- Marketing trends can be a little burdensome to cope up with. By the time we invest in one, there are already new trends businesses are bidding on.

In such an ever-changing environment, we need a timeless solution that takes a one-time investment and brings maximum benefits.

This collaboration between Taggbox Display's Social Wall & ScreenCloud's Digital Signage Software has turned out to be the perfect blend between informative and entertaining content, timeless indeed.

It can become the optimal upgrade for businesses who want to display tremendously engaging & trustworthy user-generated content and various other responsive content, keeping the potential audience hooked.

About Taggbox Display

Taggbox Display is a widely loved social wall platform that enables brands and users to collect content like UGC, Influencer content, brand's social feed, etc., from over 15+ social media platforms using hashtags, tags, mentions, stories, etc.

Taggbox Display enables brands to moderate the content by filtering out the irrelevant ones and customize the social media wall with colors, fonts, templates & 12+ high-end themes to display the most vibrant social wall for the viewers, well-equipped with rich social media content.

Their motive is to create eye-catching & attention-grabbing displays for businesses to fulfill every marketing goal.

About ScreenCloud

ScreenCloud is a powerful digital signage software that has helped over 9,000 businesses with highly engaging content showcased on various screens integrated with 80+ apps, suitable for every business type & premises.

Their motive is to convert ordinary screens into extraordinary digital signages, bringing the best results for brands; increased conversions with improved productivity & compliance.

ScreenCloud is user-friendly, reliable & coherent, creating an effective “visual layer” for businesses that helps them connect better with the clients.

Taggbox Display x ScreenCloud: A Partnership Of New Possibilities

A Fully-Equipped Display

Taggbox Display has helped businesses in building trust and engagement by using authentic UGC and content of other types on the social wall.

ScreenCloud has provided Digital Signage software that can turn sober digital screens into highly interactive ones.

When these two come together, you can fulfill all your marketing fantasies of maximizing brand awareness and user engagement.

This integration enables brands to enhance hashtag campaigns via social media walls by utilizing content generated from various channels.

Rewarding Display For All Business Types

Display social media walls anywhere on any screen to increase conversion. Promote engagement with the live and auto-rotative content during virtual events, hybrid events, physical events, or any other event types.

You can also create hashtag campaigns and exhibit rich user-generated content to generate leads.

Not just that, you can provide meaningful information to potential clients to generate interest and influence them to explore more about your brand.

ScreenCloud enables you to control the social wall & other content you display from anywhere and change it in real-time as per the comprehensive analytics provided by Taggbox Display to make your screens worth-a-while.

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