SMC Writers Club Celebrates 20th Anniversary with Dreams Come True International Writing Competition

The honorable Santa Monica College Writers Club is excited to announce a wonderful Dreams Come True platform for all students to participate and believe in their dreams. Let's celebrate our humanity peacefully and diversely through arts and culture.

Santa Monica, CA, June 16, 2021 --( The annual competition submissions are accepted until September 30.

The Santa Monica College Writers Club announces the launch of Dreams Come True, a writing competition open to students worldwide.

Short story and poetry submissions are accepted as of June 14. In September, an exceptional creative writer will be selected for the honorable Dreams Come True Award in Literature. An Innovation Award writer will also be chosen along with five outstanding K-12 student winners. It makes it that much more special that young school students will compete at the college level and become published authors by the end of the competition.

"Dreams Come True is a peaceful platform that elevates our culture as part of the literature spectrum on campus and beyond," said Marisa Bojiuc, President of SMC Writers Club. "In the true tone and theme of our American diversity and American dream, I want to encourage students worldwide to participate in creative writing. We desperately need to build more peaceful platforms that match our 21st-century vision."

The SMC Writers Club celebrates its 20th anniversary and has published since its inception in 2001 five student anthology books under the mentorship of Dr. Mario ReneĢ Padilla. Among the distinguished professors within the SMC English Department, Dr. Padilla is an award-winner author and has recently published a poetry book titled Blue Plums & Weeds. "It is a thrill when a young poet or fiction writer sees their first piece published by a professional book or magazine. They will read their work in the magazine over and over again, even though they have the poem in manuscript format on their computer," says Dr. Padilla.

"Poetry and storytelling have been a part of culture since ancient humanity developed language and a time for exercise of our imagination. Life can be so hard, and poetry - and later fiction - early on was a path - like a prayer and song - to inject beauty and elevated thought into human life. For that short moment reading the poem, they rose above the daily kill or the hard labor that is everyday life."

President Bojiuc, a proud alumna of Santa Monica College and founder of Diamonds Mirror Magazine, revived the Club this spring and modeled its reading and writing after Dr. Padilla's creative writing classes. The Dreams Come True initiative will culminate in an award in literature, a book, and a magazine published by the end of the summer. The idea was also inspired by the unfortunate hardships that students have experienced since the pandemic events in 2020, especially academically.

"This can be a unique launching pad for a career in writing, poetry, or journalism," added President Bojiuc.

The esteemed SMC Writers Club judges panel and editors encourage all students to submit their creative pieces and to believe in the beauty of their art and dreams.

Submissions are being accepted by email now through August 1.

About the SMC Writers Club:
Our mission is to grow and promote exceptional and creative writing talent at Santa Monica College. Our poets, essayists, journalists and more, are on a journey, some as current students and others as alumni, to evolve the tradition of literature and culture. We hope that our participation as part of this club will create a unique community of talent, mentors, publishers, game changers, visionaries, and artists. As technology also continues to evolve, writers today, more than ever, find themselves part of the most exciting challenge of our generation.
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