Reid Champagne’s “An American Walkabout” is Now Available on Amazon

The humorist writer has finally made his brilliant narrative about travel and discovery available online.

Reid Champagne’s “An American Walkabout” is Now Available on Amazon
New York, NY, August 02, 2021 --( A funny man from the start, Reid Champagne has spent more than 50 years patiently waiting for the proof that he's not as funny as he thought. That's produced a sense of humor like no other. This 70-something writer and humorist has created a dedicated fan following almost in spite of himself.

Through his writing he continues to amuse, bemuse, and muse over the mundane happenings of every day while still offering his unique and witty commentary on them.

With charm, humor, and a keen eye, Champagne’s writing truly demonstrates his zest for life, his curiosity for the world around him, and wisdom - or lack thereof - gathered over 70 years of life on earth.

His book, "An American Walkabout," features similar themes, focusing on travel, adventure, and tons of humor, to bring to life a character whose naivete and innocence are almost infallibly incorruptible.

Among the many adventures this protagonist has, traveling across the United States, readers witness an incredible journey of self-discovery, too.

Talking about his writing process, blogging, and writing in general, Mr. Champagne says:

“I’ve never experienced writer’s block, per se. For me, staring at a blank sheet of paper or a clear computer screen with a blinking cursor for hours, occasionally wiping drool from the corner of my mouth is simply what I call my writing process. Eventually, something winds up being written, and if Carol doesn’t react as if it was something her four-year-old grandchild created, I go ahead and post it.”

His sense of humor remains his most forthcoming quality - with the unique awareness that readers are looking for value between the lines too. The book is available for purchase on Amazon and the Kindle edition can be downloaded for only $0.99.

It's hilarious and almost transformative and needs to be on every traveler’s reading list too.

About Reid Champagne
Reid Champagne is a writer, humorist, observer, and self-proclaimed anal-retentive syllable-counter. He searches for humor in the bleakest of places, sharing his brand of slice-of-life content related to lifestyle, travel, relationships, and life as a 70-something-year-old newlywed. As a writer for over 35 years, he has dedicated his craft to show the beauty in the mundane every day, bringing his wit, humor, and zest for life to it all.

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