Lafayette Metal and Glass Company (Lafayette) Celebrates 10th Anniversary

Lafayette, an architectural metal and glass company servicing New York City since 1899, is celebrating a decade of growth under new management.

Hauppauge, NY, June 17, 2021 --( On June 9, 2011, Hillary Hulteen and Jack Walsh became the 4th owners of Lafayette Metal and Glass Company (Lafayette), which opened for business in 1899. “Looking back as we approached this anniversary was profound for me, as a leader and as a person. Our vision laid the road ahead, our passion was the driver that brought us to where we are today. We’re a growing team of people striving to be their best every day and in every way. That is who we are as people and as a company,” says Lafayette’s CEO Hillary Hulteen, reflecting back on the company’s reboot from ten years ago this week.

Lafayette is a modern, specialty trade construction company, specializing in new installations, maintenance, and repair services. The growth and focus on innovations are fueled by the company’s mission to provide a more inclusive and open-minded culture. The commitment and dedication to excellence has made the brand and the people distinct in the architectural and ornamental metal and glass industry. Lafayette partners with leading contractors, throughout the New York and Tri-State area, for all of their custom commercial real estate projects, while also boasting architectural metal production capabilities with the expansion to the new Hauppauge, NY facility in 2018.

Hulteen said, “It’s all about service, here at Lafayette.” The company identifies as a customer satisfaction firm that serves with the best talent in the glazing industry. She attributes much of the company’s success from the past decade to providing an unparalleled experience for clients and company partners alike. Lafayette’s team approach sets the company apart, as every individual is continually improving to meet the evolving needs of the industry. In addition to celebrating a decade of business under new ownership, the company opened a new Midtown office space this spring. “Something we have learned over the last 10 years is to ensure our company partners have their needs met. When our people have the tools and support they need, their collective ability to serve clients is outstanding, and clients take note.”

Out of the many favorite moments over the years, Hulteen noted, “My weekly walk-through is always my favorite part of the week. When I’m in the office, I enjoy walking through each department and checking in with our partners. Witnessing our team collaborate, both legacy and new members, is incredibly rewarding. Whether it is via Zoom or in person, focusing on kicking off a project, reviewing drawing details, going over a bid, or managing pressing issues, seeing our partners come together and work collaboratively to find solutions is always the most rewarding.” In a meeting addressing the team, Hulteen said, “We look forward to a time where everyone is comfortable to get together. Not only to celebrate the company anniversary, but to celebrate our collective efforts and successes together.”
Lafayette Metal and Glass Company
Lara Nedeltscheff