Malena Cosmetics Extending Its Cosmetic Line with Eyeshadows and Concealer Palettes After the Massive Success of Makeup Brushes

Dongguan Malena Cosmetics Co. Ltd. is excited to announce its new cosmetic line, the skin-friendly eyeshadow and concealer palettes, after continuously trending throughout the Covid times. Moreover, they got the maximum sales online throughout 2020, the crucial Corona days, to maintain the quality standards of its hygienically cleaned brushes.

New York, NY, June 18, 2021 --( Malena’s launch of cosmetic palettes was much anticipated by most users when they experienced how Malena maintains its quality standards to provide clean makeup brushes, germ-free and smooth against their skins. People have the exact expectations with their eyeshadow and concealer palettes, as this premier firm is known to manufacture its cosmetic products with high-quality and organic ingredients.

The CEO of Dongguan Malena Cosmetics Company Limited, Sam Guo, recently announced this launch at a digital conference and said, “We are happy and contented to satisfy our customers with our services and quality during this difficult period of Corona. We again pledge in front of you all that we would never compromise with the quality of our cosmetics, no matter what. So, here we are proudly extending our cosmetic line and launching the much-in-demand eyeshadow and concealer palettes for our clientele that marks the international standards.”

Having seen the massive success of the makeup brushes due to cleanliness throughout the previous years, Malena considered surprising their customers with some new cosmetics and improve the quality they have always desired. Most cosmetic products available in the market do not suit sensitive skins and sometimes give a horrible reaction, so people have to avoid applying makeup. But Malena has used quality standards to manufacture its concealer and eyeshadow palettes that enhance your skins.

The eyeshadow palette introduced by Malena has all the gorgeous shades that give a striking appeal to your eyes. Moreover, their eyeshadow palette has a wide shade range that can be applied on your regular days as well as for some formal events. On the other hand, the concealer palette launched by Malena is completely hygienic and safe to apply on your bumped pimples and blemishes.

The future of Malena seems promising with its rapid success and growth over the previous years. The way they upsurge the quality standards and improve their cosmetic line is genuinely admirable. The efforts of Malena are remarkable and manifested with the launch of their new cosmetic line. It is predicted that they will extend their product line with more and more skin-friendly and hygienic cosmetic items.

Malena is a premium firm in China that is known for its quality cosmetic products and reliable services. Sam Guo, the CEO, has named the firm after her wife’s name, Malena. And he has always treated customers with the same affection. They have always given maximum priority to all their clients by meeting all their quality and hygiene requirements. They have worked hard in the most crucial days to maintain the hygiene standards of their cosmetic brushes. Moreover, Malena is providing its brilliant services and extraordinary quality of cosmetics at very affordable rates.
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Jay Martin