uLearn Along with Johnson College Commits to Provide Quality Evaluation for Students

Princeton, NJ, June 18, 2021 --(PR.com)-- Studying remotely is making it difficult for students to succeed. Establishing a full-proof evaluation framework contributes in making this challenge achievable. Therefore, Johnson college has chosen uLearn, a robust and advanced remote proctoring tool as their partner during exams to provide students with the best online proctoring for their technical skills and general education courses.

Johnson college, located in Scranton, Pennsylvania is committed to their vision of innovating, advancing and partnering in order to help students achieve their goals irrespective of any situation and uLearn stands by them in achieving this vision. uLearn was roped in to ensure smooth exam management and conduct unbiased online proctoring from anywhere, anytime.

Currently the college uses D2L as their learning management system to facilitate their online courses which can now be easily integrated with uLearn’s platform to create and conduct online exams. This solution is completely web-based so the implementation process is hassle-free. This will help in streamlining the exam process for both faculty and students providing a smooth and uninterrupted user experience.

Along with providing the right evaluation it is extremely important for every institution to protect its students from unwanted scrutiny of the proctors and also to avoid any data security breach. This point was the primary force behind Johnson college’s partnership with uLearn as both their fundamentals matched. uLearn is all about student privacy and making sure that there is no unwanted intrusion. Proctors have very limited access to student’s personal environment hence, students can now fully focus on learning instead of worrying about their privacy
One of the pillars of imparting quality education is to ensure the integrity of the exams. The current global situation has also made it harder to maintain test integrity. With the help of uLearn’s AI-based online proctoring, live monitoring is possible during the course of the exam. Features like audio-video recording and test-taker authentication prevents all kinds of unethical activities. Instructors can also access detailed reports in order to have a clear picture into any kind of cheating activity done by the students.

Jeenal Ganatra, Sr. Product & Marketing Manager at uLearn.io affirms that uLearn works closely with its clients to fulfill their proctoring needs especially during uncertain times like these. They strive every day to stay true to their values by providing secure remote online proctoring and helping institutions conduct unbiased evaluations.
Jeenal Ganatra