Bishop Ascendant Granted United States Patent for Spark Water Purification Platform

Bishop Ascendant has developed the Spark Modular Support Platform to deliver critical resources to remote and rural locations as well as disaster sites. They provide water, power and communications during critical times.

West Caldwell, NJ, June 19, 2021 --( U.S. Patent was issued on June 4 for comprehensive capabilities of the Spark system.

Bishop Ascendant, a multi-arena innovator in advanced engineering, today announced that the United States Patent and Trade Office (USPTO) has issued a patent, with all claims allowed, for its Spark modular support platform. Spark is a multi-faceted solution to address the global water scarcity crisis, combining technologies for water filtration, power generation, and networked internet, satellite and cellular communications, into one modular, portable and self-sustaining system.

The patent covers elements of the construction of the Spark the modules, use of a central core, mounting various technologies and sensors, filtering, communications equipment and power equipment within modules making up one structure, and coupled with air mobility and parachute insertion of the units. Spark’s system is designed specifically for deployment in remote and rural locations, disaster zones and other areas requiring humanitarian relief.

Lightweight and easily deployed, a single Spark unit can provide 7,570 liters of clean, filtered, potable water per day, enough for up to 1,860 people. Multiple Sparks can sustain a region of significant size and population. Additionally, a Spark generates between 60kWh and 120kWh per day, enough energy to power 40-90 rural households with an average electricity demand of 39kWh per month. Spark can also provide satellite, cellular, or Local Area Network (LAN)-powered communications to provide high-speed internet and phone service anywhere it is needed. One Spark can support up to 254 connected ethernet devices.

By adopting a modular approach, Spark is tailor-made for re-use and re-design to any specification. Units are constructed from military-grade components that have a 15-year life span, making them durable, long-term solutions.

Bishop Ascendant CEO Justin Bishop stated, “We are thrilled to reach this milestone in our journey to assure clean water, power and communications availability anywhere it is needed. Achieving this patent elevates Spark to the next phase of market readiness. We are proud to create this innovative yet reliable platform that will make a difference to those in need of reliable, sustainable resources.”

About Bishop Ascendant, Inc.

A multi-arena advanced engineering, manufacturing, and services firm, Bishop Ascendant solves the global water scarcity crisis by transforming polluted water into drinkable water. We provide water and energy where it’s needed. And we enable digital communication for people in even the most remote locations - sustainably, at scale, anywhere. Spark our integrated, modular and portable platform, combines tested and proven technologies in an innovative, reliable and mass-producible system that helps people everywhere survive and thrive.

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