Shijiazhuang Norton Trade Company Ltd. Has Attempted a Brand New Approach to Sculpture Art

Shijiazhuang Norton Trade Co., Ltd. has stretched its application by trying new materials such as granite into their artistic sculpting, statue creation and modular artistic showpieces. Their bronze and marble statues, sculptures, gazebos and art pieces were already marking a milestone.

Atlanta, GA, June 30, 2021 --( Shijiazhuang Norton Trade Co., Ltd. are the most renowned and established sculpture producers, working tirelessly towards enhancing the production and utilization of sculptures in China. Their professional team of sculptors and bronze casting artists creates impressive statues and sculptors with an artistic touch, making them qualified for high-profile exhibitions and interiors. The company is further determined to work on different new materials such as granite for durability and aesthetic enhancement. However, most sculptor producers are not using granite as the base material because it requires ultra-level expertise and high-tech tools to carve through sculptures perfectly. But Norton trade has taken a step to make their sculptors more realistic and captivating.

According to the company's senior executive, "We want to leave and continue with a mark on the consumers' mind by carving a masterpiece that remains part of their lives and indulges the viewers with fascination." Having experienced casting Bronze, Resin, Concrete, and White Marble, the company now wants to prioritize its expertise in granite-based sculpting. Norton Statues intends to bring more life to statues of every kind and size.

The company has many reasons to march towards the application of granite in the production of sculptures. Granite has no crystalline structure; instead, it has a variegated texture. Although granite is Heavy and difficult to work with, the company wants to work on it because it's a durable base for statues. This igneous rock has a range of natural hue colors such as grays, greens, reds. Quality granite is also available in vibrant black shades that can also be utilized to make dark figures, which can't be achievable with marbles. The color range and aesthetic appeal of granite make it an excellent material to make fantastic statues; that is why the company has found artists to show their expertise in this realm.

The company has also hired a new team of sculptors for this project. They are highly excited about their latest article to release this year - the new production team and owners anticipate the same fantastic response from the consumer end.

Norton trade is a renowned company known for producing high-quality bronze and marble sculptures of any size, style, and design. In addition, the company offers 100 percent in-house personalized project handling with finished pieces on estimated delivery time. Read more about their master-pieces here:
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