The Author Industry Exploded Last Night at The Book Slam on Clubhouse

Atlanta, GA, June 16, 2021 --( It was another amazing night of award-winning authors reading their books live at The Book Slam on Clubhouse. Last night represented 8 remarkable authors and as expected, emotions were high and hot.

Dr. Jequita Agbi Gresham PharmD. opened up the Book Slam with her recently released "Finding Rose Water." The author guided the audience through an excerpt of her novel with a style akin to a TED Talks presentation. This Brooklyn native magically assisted in transcending this virtual stage into one that somehow suddenly felt palpable and real. This was only the author’s first novel but her delivery was that of a seasoned storyteller.

Following Dr. Gresham was the host of Rolling Out and the popular podcast show Convo With Friendz, Rodney Wash. Mr. Wash added another layer to The Book Slam stage by presenting the first business-related excerpt from his book entitled, "Media World: Through My Eyes." As in the case of Dr. Gresham, Rodney Wash’s ability to create a seemingly real-world stage presence was equally as remarkable. The caliber of marketing advice he shared within his reading complemented the night in a way that many possibly did not expect.

Other standout presentations included podcaster, public speaker, and mental health advocate Latesha Higgs with her piece entitled The Diagnosis, which described her courageous bout with bipolarism, and Micaela Benn whose reading of Little Mr. Fit It infused a children’s book writing perspective that was wonderfully entertaining.

From start to finish, each author added another magical dimension to the night’s Book Slam. From the author’s mentioned previously to fellow podcaster Teaira Curry (Changed Up! Now What?), the multiple times, best-selling author Ayanna Mills (God & Hip Hop), Navi Robins groundbreaking suspense novel (Shadow of the Jackal), and LaQuiesha Malone’s reading of "A Mother’s Day Nightmare," the night was a thing of legend. There was even a surprise author reading from the enigma herself, Takara Mitsumi.

All in all, the author industry exploded last night at The Book Slam on Clubhouse. The next Book Slam on Clubhouse is scheduled for Tuesday, June 22, 2021. Be sure to follow The Book Slam under “Clubs” on Clubhouse to learn about future Slams.

The Book Slam is sponsored by MADDCity.Live, LLC. The Slam is hosted by fellow author and live event coordinator N. D. “Indy” Brennan and Tenika Deshawn, CEO of the Pittsburgh based Lady Carpenter Corporation. For more information, go to Instagram and DM Mr. Brennan @ndbrennanauthor or go to Clubhouse and search for The Book Slam on Clubhouse under Clubs.
N.D. Brennan