War Room Logistics Poll Shows John McCain Tied with Hillary Clinton, Leads Barack Obama in Florida, with Economy Number One Issue

A poll conduct April 30-May 1 of 623 registered voters in Florida, shows John McCain tied with Hillary Clinton and John McCain beating Barack Obama by 7%. Also, shows Economy #1 issue.

Gainesville, FL, May 06, 2008 --(PR.com)-- In a poll of registered voters in the state of Florida, WRL reports that Hillary Clinton and John McCain are essentially tied - McCain attracts 44% of the vote while Clinton earns 45%. At the same time, McCain leads Barack Obama 47% to 40%. 51% of registered voters say the economy is the most important issue driving their vote when selecting a candidate for President of the United States.

When John McCain is matched up against Barack Obama, McCain leads by 27 points (57% to 30%) among White voters while Obama leads by 66 points (79% to 13%) among African-Americans. McCain leads 43% to 35% among Hispanic voters. McCain leads 52% to 32% with voters 60 or older, while Obama leads 51% to 40% with young voters aged 18-29.

When Hillary Clinton is matched up against John McCain, McCain leads by 9 points (50% to 41%) among White voters while Clinton leads 61% to 17% among African Americans. In this head to head match up, 21% of African American voters are undecided. Clinton leads 48% to 41% among Hispanic voters. McCain leads among voters 60 or older 47% to 43%, while Clinton leads among voters 18-29 by 57% to 37%

Overall, 53% of registered voters view John McCain favorably, 51% view Clinton favorably, and 48% view Obama favorably. Obama has the highest unfavorability rating with 50% viewing him as somewhat unfavorable or very unfavorable. Clinton’s unfavorability rating is 47%, and John McCain has the lowest with 43%.

Florida Governor Charlie Crist continues his high favorability ratings with 66% of registered voters in Florida finding him very or somewhat favorable.

Florida Senator Mel Martinez shows the State of Florida is split in their judgment of the Senator with 39% very or somewhat favorable and 39% very or somewhat unfavorable. Florida’s other US Senator, Bill Nelson, shows better numbers with 49% very or somewhat favorable and 29% very or somewhat unfavorable.

51% of voters report that the most important issue driving their decision in the campaign for US President is the Economy. 15% say it is the war in Iraq.

The Economy Issue cuts across all demographics results - 47% of White voters, 56% of African American voters, and 63% of Hispanic Voters cite the Economy is the number one issue. 46% of Republican voters, 55% of Democratic voters, and 52% of Independents cite the Economy is the number one issue.

The War in Iraq comes in as the second most important issue. 17% of White voters, 15% of African American Voters, and 7% of Hispanic voters cite the war in Iraq as the number one issue. 19% of Democrats, 12% of Republicans, and 12% of Independents rate the war in Iraq issue number one.


623 Registered voters in the state of Florida were interviewed in a random sample taken April 30-May 1, 2008. Respondents were screened for voter registration. All interviews were conducted by telephone surveys with IVR technology. The margin of error for this survey is +- 4% with a 95% confidence level. www.warroomlogistics.com is the company’s web site, and cross tabs are available after web registration.

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