Connecting Software Partners with VSB IT Services to Migrate HCL Notes, Formerly IBM Notes and Lotus Notes, Customer’s Database to Other CRM Systems

Connecting Software has partnered with VSB IT Services to offer their customer base a migration solution from HCL Notes, formerly Lotus Notes, to multiple CRM systems, while amplifying the services with solutions developed by Connecting Software.

Vienna, Austria, July 01, 2021 --( Notes is a data source that holds a considerable level of complexity, and one of the most popular management systems in the world. It has been recently sold to HCL Technologies, a company based out of India, and although the continuity of Notes is not off the table, VSB IT Services reached out to Connecting Software to offer Notes users the ability to migrate their data to any target system of their choice while simultaneously offering implementation of other Connecting Software solutions.

With the partnership's benefits already available to customers, both companies aim to help Notes users migrate their data to any CRM system they desire, such as Dynamics 365. As experts in Notes, VSB IT Services developed VSB.DataConnector more than 15 years ago, a product that provides a bidirectional interaction with Notes. However, migrating the data out of the Notes environment to any target system is an overcomplicated task, which justifies the establishment of the partnership between VSB IT Services and Connecting Software. By utilizing Connect Bridge, a platform developed by Connecting Software to ease the communication between software that works with different programming languages, the migration of data from Notes to other CRM systems is faster, safer and easier.

According to Andreas Schmidt, CEO of VSB IT Services, “There are many challenges to be considered in this demand, but migration shouldn’t be one, which is why we have chosen Connect Bridge.” Andreas Schmidt sees Connect Bridge as an essential element to simplify the process. He states that, “Although VSB IT Services has expertise in handling Notes data, connecting data to other target systems is sensitive. Our VSB.DataConnector is an engine that pumps data in Notes, but Connect Bridge is very helpful. It reduces the complexity of data transferring to target systems. We don’t have to deal with the complexity of a variety of API’s and web services, because Connect Bridge handles this for us.”

The partnership also features several Connecting Software solutions to improve a user's experience in the CRM world; one being CB Dynamics 365 Seamless Attachment Extractor, which significantly reduces the storage space used by the CRM database to reduce costs, and the other being CB D365 to SharePoint Permissions Replicator, which clones a user’s folder permissions in D365 and applies them to SharePoint, creating a safe, GDPR-compliant SharePoint environment.

The importance of this partnership is the positive impact it will have in the market, especially in Germany, where both companies hold a respectable number of clients. With a current user base that is significantly high, Notes is still very popular in several industries. Therefore, Connect Bridge will allow the connection of the existing Notes environments to numerous data sources while also migrating data from Notes to other target systems is in the customer’s best interest, including the possibility to implement, in addition, two exclusive features provided by Connecting Software.

Adam Maurer, Strategy and Planning Director of Connecting Software, showed his enthusiasm when discussing the partnership by stating, “I am quite excited! The partnership with VSB IT Services is extremely valuable and the company also brings many years of CRM knowledge to the table, with a quality reputation for finding the right solution for their customers.” He points out the partnership is a good fit because “At the end of the day, we both aim to solve the technological challenges that companies face daily. Connecting Software makes VSB IT Services job easier which ultimately provides quicker and cost-effective solutions to the customer, which for example, could be to migrate the customer’s Notes data to a CRM like Dynamics 365, Salesforce, or SAP.”

Nearly two decades on the market and with customers all over the world, Connecting Software has collected success stories and other valuable partnerships. By developing integration and synchronization solutions, the company also stands out for its Connect Bridge solution that enables developers to migrate data, be it from on-premises to the cloud, on-premises to on-premises, or any hybrid solutions between them. The partnership with VSB IT Services is an add-on that Connecting Software is proud to have established. Connecting Software CEO, Thomas Berndorfer, says, “With VSB IT Services knowhow on Notes, we can add a benefit to our whole partner and customer network.”

Connecting Software: With headquarters in Vienna, the company is in the market for nearly two decades developing solutions on business software, IoT, and modern blockchain solutions. With offices in the United States, Slovakia and Portugal, Connecting Software works with Public, Private and Third Sector Organizations all around the globe and collects a significant amount of success stories among its clients. The company gather prestigious certifications and is recognized by Microsoft with Gold and Silver competencies, and won, in 2020, the “Top Blockchain Solution Provider” award, granted by the Enterprise Security Magazine.

VSB: Founded in 1988 and with over 300 customers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, VSB is specialized in CRM, business analytics, process digitalization, document management, cloud collaboration and data management, among other services regarding IT. Ever since its foundation, VSB IT Services is actively collecting and transferring data, which lead the company to launch the VSB.DataConnector, once the company states the importance on having a tool to synchronize data between systems.
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